North wind bleak, strong cold air invasion, so that not long ago also immersed in the warm sun in the fall of everyone caught off guard. More cold side of the cold body of the sister, has been unable to bear the cold winter. Warm 520 “heavy launch of the natural color of small cashmere underwear series, light warm, more cold, personal wear, like your second layer of skin, put on after the moment with the body with the temperature, in this winter to bring you To the most affectionate care.


Cashmere family METTE Baby Cashmere underwear, the source of raw materials and other materials it determines the thermal underwear compared to the functional and quality has an unparalleled advantage.


Our cashmere underwear selection of Tibet, Qinghai three or four meters above sea level in the alpine region 3 to 12 months old goat Hircus inner layer of cashmere, the villi called Baby Cashmere. In order to maximize the Baby Cashmere underwear to keep the natural characteristics. Our cashmere underwear “pure natural, zero staining”, 100% cashmere quality, to ensure that the body without any stimulation and damage, is the quality of your healthy life choice!


Baby Cashmere unique high-density bending, and super-good skin-friendly, it is close to wear, can produce a certain massage, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, good for health.


Baby Cashmere underwear determines the light, soft, soft, smooth, warm, cool features, Baby Cashmere underwear and human skin contact, not only does not feel itching, but also allows us to produce “light, soft, soft and smooth” Of the comfort, is the most healthy and ideal choice for underwear.


Baby Cashmere underwear super warmth, and other thermal underwear can not be compared. Traditional thermal underwear for survival method is thickening, plus velvet, it is difficult to get rid of bloated solid body. The Baby Cashmere underwear inside the high content of static air, equivalent to the protective layer between the skin, thereby increasing its thermal effect. And Baby Cashmere has a good degree of fluffy, suede fullness, flexibility, which makes the skin and underwear between the space remained stable, not due to slight movement of the heat led to leakage.


Super good skin-friendly, put on the body with instantly after the same temperature, just like your second layer of skin, so warm is no longer late.


Baby Cashmere’s rare and precious, low production, decided to Baby Cashmere underwear gives a luxurious feeling of elegance, personal wear, add charm, bring a warm enjoyment.


Have the opportunity to wear cashmere family Baby Cashmere underwear customers can immediately feel the difference between it and other material underwear, enjoy this unparalleled light and soft.

520 warm recommended

Five styles, for love to choose. Embrace love, embrace warmth. Love her, give her the most intimate gift!






Soft and delicate, love “velvet” “velvet.” what are you waiting for? “Warm 520” million of the public financing, activities will soon open, when the public number of cashmere platform will push the details of the event. This winter, let us all together to love and warm it!

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