“Warm 520” Babycashmere cashmere underwear
Million pieces of public activities,
After more than 30 days in full swing sales,
Our 10,000 pieces of underwear are sold out! .
Individual style is out of stock situation,
Yes, that is so hot!
Should the strong customer’s request,
The company an additional emergency, the night rush of the last wave of goods,
Is now fully into the inventory,
Limited number!
According to our previous sales of hot degree of prediction
The last wave will be in two or three days
Sold out,
Have not bought a small partner to hurry up!

Public activities into the countdown,
Correct! . .
You are not wrong,
This is our last time!
There are a few important things,
We are here to share with you.


How about the three-tier distribution bonus?
Click on the public number Main Menu –
“My spokesman”,
Go to the “Member Center” page,
In “My Fortune” –
“Can be presented to wealth”
After reviewing your rewards,
Click on “Cash Off”
On it! .

The platform will be in the form of red envelopes will reward cash back

Buy home and found,
Size inappropriate how to do?
Color does not suit how to do?
This year our return policy
Is such that:
In the absence of wearing, washing, damaged, not removed tag,
And keep the mark in good condition,
Can enjoy after arrival
7 days no reason to return service,
Ensure that your after-sales worry! .
and also,
After you purchase the relevant graphic,
Share to Friends Circle Like 30,
You can receive a beautiful scarf to the store!


Just a month, sold out 10000,
What a brilliant figure!
Because it is this magical underwear,
Let us in the cold winter,
As long as the personal wear a small cashmere underwear,
You can immediately feel the warmth.
Even outside the stormy rain,
I can also proudly say:
“Not even a little cold”
There are pictures of the truth –
User experience to speak! .

Please enjoy our buyer show.
Bought through the customers after
It is very thin, but the warmth is very good!
It is very soft, close to wear very comfortable!
It feels slippery waxy, skin-friendly too good!


The event also attracted again
Cashmere family old customer’s eyes –
Last winter, through the public to buy activities
Xiaoshan cashmere underwear customers,
In this year’s public activities,
one more time,
Not a little preparedness to buy it!
Behind this second purchase,
Bearing the customer’s affirmation of product quality,
The love of this cashmere underwear,
As well as the support of cashmere family.

The event is about to enter the final countdown –
Yes, only the last wave of goods! .
Not enough time to order,
Still hesitant customers,
You have to seize the time!
After the event,
We will restore the original price of goods,
At that time would be better to buy
Now the 520 warm price bargain.

The last month of the Gregorian calendar in 2016,
Christmas is coming soon,
Christmas gifts to their loved ones,
Is not the addition of a choice?
We can only help here …
Babycashmere underwear,
Is the most intimate partner this winter.
Like cashmere friends,
Quickly seize the time to order it!

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