Natural Piles Collar Cashmere Knit Pullovers (1)

This cute, very advanced, beautiful flower color gray and off-white pullover sweaters texture texture changes terrific, great design sense. 7-pin technology is equivalent to core needle knitting texture, retro stitch so that clothing has a fine hand-woven visual sense, profile beautiful, warm and stylish.

Natural Piles Collar Cashmere Knit Pullovers (2)

Two kinds of weave design is very fond of different upper and lower body weave. Two kinds of worn big piles collar, a hat can be loosely lazy heap in the neck, the neck temperatures well protected, but also added some handsome and uninhibited. Natural folds and irregular shapes make clothing more rich layered and three-dimensional, in addition to finger cuffs uniquely designed using the popular elements of the season in Europe and America show is a design highlight of this section of clothing.


Cashmere Goat – Thanks for Natural Luxury Fiber


100% cashmere, fineness uniform good color, feel fine, no problem wearing stickers. Gray, wild YY any classic fashion color, artistic range of children, is worth having meaningful tone.

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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