The winter is approaching, the weather is getting cold, you still stand in front of the wardrobe, do not know what to wear tomorrow, clothes? Still can not buy clothes to worry about it? Quickly follow us from the 2016 Winter Pantone top ten popular colors to find the answer it!

Riverside Blue


Blue Department in the second half of 2016 to occupy an important role, Riverside Blue as a blue line, with a stable, calm, calm, strong tone. In the global authority of color research institutions Pantone released in 2016 autumn and winter fashion colors occupy the first place. No monochrome black and white ash, but can meet the needs of high cold. This elegant and charming color, with flowing into the heart seems to have the magic, people looked at it could not help but fall in love with it.

Airy Blue


Color as its name, like the air as fresh and transparent, giving a quiet, pure feeling, but also gives you the feeling of ease. Air Blue and the annual fashion color blue has a high similarity.

Shark gray


This popular winter shark gray, lower brightness, low-key and full of neutral shark gray, with a deep color with any skill. Wear a very practical to wear on the middle color, even more tough than the gray, can be described as a wild color.

Aurora Red


Red often makes people feel warm, but Aurora red is a warm and romantic with color, bring people the feeling of excitement and vitality, but also represents the unswerving faith. Full of enthusiasm and warmth, but still contains the color of the Department of red impact.

Warm Taupe


Warm Taupe, inspired by the earth all things, this color gives the feeling of approachable, filled with the beauty of the original power, the old old feeling and full of retro charm. Not cold does not jump, calm and elegant, very suitable for the main line of mature.

Dusty Cedar


Exudes a warm cedar color, with a natural sense of hazy, matte texture introverted warm, feminine.

Lush Meadow


Grass green is a rich and elegant, full of vitality and infinite vitality of the color, in all things withered, autumn and winter to everywhere in the grass green, give people the feeling of sun vitality.

Potter’s Clay


Potter’s Clay, a warm earth color of a member, this color is very suitable for autumn and winter, like a few minutes of deciduous orange stained. Giving the feeling is very simple, low-key, smooth, quiet. This color used in the home, easy to give a sense of comfort.

Spicy Mustard


Mustard yellow, full of exotic, is a very eye-catching color, compared to the previous yellow, I feel this dazzling mustard yellow is more stunts, it is ideal for attending a number of events / banquet occasions. Comes with “people” as the protagonist of the dumping of the aura.



Bodaclous from the literal meaning can see Pantone on its definition, BODACIOUS translated as audacious, is a bold and beautiful color. It’s charm and publicity charm, I believe will become a lot of women chasing the color.


Cashmere family 2016 autumn and winter in the use of color on the new, on the use of Pantone popular color, closely fashion, and on this basis for innovation and change, style Variety. Unique Italian design, with your new taste of cashmere fashion!







For more than 2016 winter top ten color, which you most love it?

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