Chinese New Year holiday to work the first week, we all feel? Is not it also face a headache postganglionic phobia it? Whether it is still immersed in the joy of the New Year holiday and festive it? The breath of spring has been quietly bred. At the beginning of New Year, the flavor has not faded, METTE family carefully prepared for your lucky red.

Choose the red element of fashion, the most wonderful place is to be able to occasionally, to express our share of heart rituals sense. Red, auspicious festivity, passionate, elegant, thousands of red fitted bloom, modeling amazing, but also by many female stars of all ages.

Red coats, both gas field and warm degrees, with white, highlight the competent atmosphere; with black, timeless and stylish color, highlighting the self-confidence and elegance. Red dress, it is very suitable for the beautiful white goddess wearing white, white skin color can be particularly red lining, can be described as complement each other. Red dress, especially for the powerful queen gas field tailored, flaming lips, eyes confident, mature with a trace of sexy charm, so that is not as bright as spring-like sultry?

Red | orthodox welcome

The booming of the Chinese New Year
The most suitable for a new shape
To discuss a good year
Cashmere family METTE with the most beautiful Chinese red
For you in 2017 opened Fortune

Red and black | l two colors

Red and black classic color
Fashion charming, elegant and generous
Bordeaux sleeveless swing collar cloak pullover
With black skirt pants and high-heeled boots
Walking full of mature women
Maturity and self-confidence

Burgundy | elegant intoxicating

Flounced fashion pullover
Flowers, lotus leaf edge
Showing a deep sense of the girl
This section with a black package hip skirt
In the mature and elegant
More for you in the New Year Tim
A gentle romantic atmosphere

Coral red | warm as spring

Coral red cardigan
Charming coral red short cardigan
For the New Year to add a warm atmosphere
Details of the hook side and hollow
Set off your elegant lady’s temperament

Bright red | bright

Rose red, such as plum red
Winter has not completely faded
The earth first appeared in a touch of spring
Bright and bright, full of life
Cashmere round neck shortsome jacket
Let you in early spring mood bright

Burgundy | retro style

Want to install red spring
Not too grand
Then wine red cashmere sweater
Calm introverted just right
Different colors, thickness, with
But also allows you to full of vigor in the spring






Read the family METTE cashmere carefully for you
To create the shape of the Spring Festival Cheats
Must have your heart style
Invite you to wear the most beautiful Chinese red
Ignite the brand new 2017

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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