Fabric to clothing
Like water to fish
When meets the quality, then lives

Since the establishment of brand
Cashmere family METTE has been exploring
Trial and innovation
The pursuit of ultimate softness and comfort
Create a new cashmere fabrics with ingenuity

2017, autumn and winter, cashmere family METTE launched
New high count yarn series cashmere fabric
Take longer and work more carefully
Wear a lighter and comfortable upper body
Easy to take care of
For you to open a new world of autumn and winter cashmere

All-match Pullover
Lighter and softer

Cool love time
There is no summer boredom
The cool breeze makes people miss
Cashmere continuous tenderness

Made of new pure cashmere yarn
Thin and soft and delicate as silk
Create a comfortable sense of dress
This one is soft and penetrating
Wash out the comfortable smile

Want more styling?
Also not a bad idea
From the drawings, making the outline of a yarn
Create fashionable light power

Warm soft waxy cashmere
Like the bright sunshine
Scattered all over the place
It is as delicate and smooth as the baby’s skin
I love flowing

Elegant dress
Compact square

ID:8274034 (top) ID:8274038 (bottom)

The past two years the popular Knee Skirt
Still showing a thin, warm gesture
Active in fashion this season
Collocation cardigan or Pullover
Set off pure elegance

Through the innovation of new yarns
Changing a more crisp, skirt shape more natural
Compact texture, delicate and gentle
Easier to take care of

ID:8274035 (top) ID:8274067 (bottom)
If you want to modify the body
Might as well choose a A word semi skirt
Dense needle, the version of crisp
A playful style showing a woven half skirt
With the classic black line
This autumn, shine another style

Fashionable coat
A stiff wind.


Clever tassels
Swaying with the wind
Scattering a gentle
Flowery and flowery, too

Encounters with double faced cashmere coats
It is fashionable elegance
Special technology to create compact compactness
Good compactness brings comfortable wearing characteristics
The busy city life is at ease

A long coat shows the atmosphere
The small, short coat is a lightweight, capable representative
French front interpretation of simple style of temperament
Hem slit zipper design
Add a lot of fashionable design highlights

The special process outlines the smooth feel
Maintain the inherent softness of knitted apparel
Also has the windproof degree of the woven coat
As delicate as silk, warm as Yang
Interpretation of endless cashmere care

Cashmere family METTE
New high count yarn series cashmere fabric
Listed now
Welcome to the store selection

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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