Color authority Pantone named 2017 fashion color
A symbol of vitality of the vegetation green victory
Seems to have seen how to wear the spring!

The vibrant green of nature and let us re-connect, put it, will give us hope and change the self-confidence.

The greenery of vegetation is inseparable from our longing for peace and tranquility.

Green how to wear

Green coat

Different levels of green control difficulty is different, easy to wear fruit green is not easy to look cheap, slightly darker point is very suitable for white skin, was significantly tender.

Grass coat color texture better, with green low heels is very beautiful.

Green ride

Green T-shirt and pink with a very beautiful, skin white people please bold try

With texture as a distinction, dark green jacket + green pleated skirt + white shoes, fresh and clean.

Green white checkered chiffon shirt, elegant does not pick people, it is lining the skin of Asians.

Green and more vivid, and the combination of black will not go wrong, not easily messy.

Wearing a black and white ash, try to change into a green sweater is not bad

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