In the national day and mid autumn day, golden osmanthus covered with branches, exudes the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. With the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, cool wind sneaked into the earth, “cool” signal can not help but make people regain warm memories of that touch of soft cashmere, flowing with deep love.

A trace of velvet, touch fingertips, delicate silk. A thin and bent fiber, mixed with 37 degrees of air, to create a fluffy air layer, easy to resist the invasion of cold air outside, intimate warmth also brings home like security.

From the nobility of cashmere, adhering to the noble temperament of the royal family, has been light, soft, soft and slippery advantages of concern, but also any fiber can not match the diamond fiber.

Today’s cashmere presents itself in the fashion world with a new look. It has the style of woven clothing, but is more delicate and soft than woven garments. All kinds of patterns and patterns make cashmere interesting, intelligent and romantic.

Autumn is getting stronger, cashmere cashmere family METTE series once again return, adhering to the Italian style of pure, simple and elegant, fashionable and low-key. From Tibet, Qinghai and other Alpine areas of cashmere, woven into soft waxy cashmere boutique, for your comfortable quality of life, presented a velvet warmth.

October autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance, cashmere family METTE is about to usher in the opening of 4 new stores, Ningbo Zhongxing Road, Chengdu Road shop, shop Ningbo Jiangxia Bridge East and Shanghai Yingchun road branch. At the same time, Hangzhou Binjiang store will also be completed reloading upgrade, to bring you a new comfortable shopping environment.

If you pursue light luxury quality, love cashmere clothing, or want to give the family a cashmere boutique, welcome to the store selection, more beautiful gifts to meet you.

Ningbo Zhongxing Road store
Opening hours: October 1st
Address: No. 643 Zhongxing Road, Zhejiang, Ningbo
Telephone: 0574-83013256

Chengdu Road shop
Opening hours: October 5th
Address: No. 8 East South Railway Station, Chengdu, Wuhou District, No. 1 attached
Telephone: 028-85026832

Ningbo River Xiamen Qiaodong shop
Opening hours: October 5th
Address: No. 317, Zhongshan East Road, Zhejiang, Ningbo
Telephone: 0574-83013250

Shanghai Ying Chun Road shop
Opening hours: stay tuned
Address: No. 812, Chun Ying Road, Shanghai, Pudong New Area

Binjiang Hangzhou store
Reload upgrade opening time: stay tuned!
Address: No. 188 bin Kang Road, Hangzhou, Binjiang District
Telephone: 0571-87118276

Ningbo Zhongxing Road store
Chengdu Road shop

Ningbo River Xiamen Qiaodong shop
Three stores activity time:
New store opening date – October 15th

Active content:
1, new customers for VIP members
You can get a gift of cashmere family
2, more surprises, welcome to inquire in detail
Shanghai Ying Chun Road shop
Activities please stay tuned

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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