520 meaning “I love you”, in the network Valentine’s Day May 20 this day, many people will choose to confess on this day, get the card to get married, or love and his total romance.

Some people say that love
Is the world ‘s most wonderful emotion
Strange two people
In the vast sea of ​​acquaintance
Eyebrows eye contact
The hearts of the rare resonance
Know each other, love each other
Even a dull life
Also ripples from ripples

Love, seems to be the stars in the night
Lit ordinary life
And like a song of melody
So that lonely people get spiritual comfort
Love, it is a brilliant flower
Careful care only open gorgeous eye-catching

The most beautiful love, not I love you
But has been with you to the old
The most romantic love is not rhetoric
But to cherish every love ritual sense
520, a romantic Valentine’s Day
Not as much more mind, for the love in full bloom

Relive encounter when the eyebrows, love has been in

Where did you meet him?
Is a fresh campus
Or a quiet cafe
Or lively street corner
At that time you are beautiful and beautiful
They looked at the moment
Bright eyes with eyebrows gentle
This is the original “love” of the germination

Look for romantic moments when meeting
Rely on the other side of the strong arm
Love is always there
I have the honor to be with you
Never betray, and grow old together

Write a letter of love

Live in SMS, social software
The era of science and technology flying
Letters become precious and scarce
At the moment, write a letter of love letter
That year did not tell the love words
Turned into words, warm each other’s mind
This Valentine ‘s Day is exceptionally good
And this love love letter
Will become the most romantic collection in the future


Escape the family, enjoy the romantic two time

Life is divided by family and work
Love yourself, love each other less and less space
May be on this weekend Valentine ‘s Day
Try to flee the family
Come and talk about a short trip
Create a romantic world of two
Return to romantic love time

In the name of love, to send a sincere gift


A gift is a romantic carrier of love
In the name of love
For the other side to send a sincere gift
Perhaps a fine watch
Decorate the other half of the gentleman type grid
Perhaps a good book
A total of good life

Swaying candle, and his beloved he went to romantic covenant

Hit an elegant skirt
On the fine makeup
And his beloved he went to romantic covenant
In the flashing candlelight
Inxicating music
Enjoy the romantic world of two people
And at this time you, the beauty was unparalleled

A significant date
Must not be a quality skirt
Sophisticated tailoring set off slim body type
Excellent fabrics to bring comfort to enjoy
Stylish design even decorated elegant temperament
Cashmere family sincerely recommend you about the new dress:

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Romantic lace elegant and beautiful
Inadvertently reveal the charm of charming women
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The ground is thin and transparent
Curved waist design
To create a fine dress style
Coupled with a thin black line
Elegant with a touch of mysterious art

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