The autumn and winter of 2016’s top 10 Fashion Color overall, with pink series, lightness not deep, saturation is not high, give people the feeling of calm. These colors are usually frequent spring and summer, but this season to break the range of spring and summer, extends to the fall and winter, become the mainstream of the color of autumn and winter in 2016.
1, Riverside blue
Calm blue reminiscent of the deep ocean, calm, calm, strong and stable, the blue river in the future for a long period of time will remain popular trend.


Looks a bit like a cowboy. There is a rare sense of texture, a good match, do not pick people, to convey a subtle vitality and elegance.
Life in the river blue, has always been a permanent mark with the melody of the match.


Long cowboy coat, autumn wear the most appropriate.


2, Blue Airy
The air blue tone is very close to the opening of popular quiet blue, and compared and some gray, more adapted to the winter atmosphere. Soft blue brings a sense of peace and joy to the mind.


Long jacket is still popular, is an essential product of autumn and winter.


If the winter wear the color is too deep, the eye bag is a good ornament


3, shark ash
Shark gray is the only neutral color in ten colors, no matter the perfect match with any color, it is always the middle of the middle of the error. Pale gray not too heavy, and can easily penetrate the texture.


Body with the color of the Department is a pandemic trend in recent years, may wish to try the shark skin gray this both low-key and show the color of the color to create a high profile modeling.


Shark skin ash has been favored by fashion lovers. With black, white, cowboy color matching, show the atmosphere of a low profile.


4, Aurora red
Aurora red as Aurora, dazzling and warm, like the torch lit the cold of the night. This gorgeous color appears in the winter, presumably the temperature will enhance a bit of it.


This exudes sexy atmosphere color will undoubtedly accelerate the surrounding heart, red and black collocation seem so high


A warm red make a cold winter day full of warmth. Fashionable and retro color, anyone can wear a fashion sense.


5, Taupe Warm
Neutral colors, simple and all-match, will not be too cold. The simple design also can wear high elegance, windbreaker, take the dress is a good choice.


Proper warm warm gray brown, is one of the major brand favorite color show. In addition to feminine dress, coat, minimalist design and neutral style is worth starting.



A simple good small coat, long coat aura.


6, Cedar Dusty
Dark color is the popular color powder cedar annual winter edition. Taking off the girl like sweet and greasy, but also not too warm, can be said to be a warm and stable with both the color. Some unique texture collocation materials, such as silk and velvet, create a special feeling.


Bright but not high profile feeling is probably the designers have to pay tribute to the reasons for the dark cedar.


7, Meadow Lush
Contrary to the reality of the autumn and winter, which is a symbol of withering and withering, the grass green brings a great vitality. Is different from that on behalf of the new green, green grass is more like a prosperous summer Luyuan, injecting a strong vitality for the winter.


Green is more suitable for the skin of fair skinned girls, the same color of the collocation method can reflect the girl’s atmosphere and elegant.



Green can make you elegant and has a mature powerful aura.


8, Spicy Mustard
And the same publicity of the aurora red hot mustard yellow, more spicy, warm than the previous yellow, representing an unusual attitude. While such a people is the appetite of color, it will be a very significant application complexion.
And the same publicity of the aurora red hot mustard yellow, more spicy, warm than the previous yellow, representing an unusual attitude. While such a people is the appetite of color, it will be a very significant application complexion.


Such a yellow especially suitable for autumn and winter, looks warm and bright, but also can mention bright color. Daily wear, mustard is not uncommon, see this light yellow mustard long coat, but unobtrusive color profile.


A bright dark match, looks very eye-catching


Whether it is autumn or winter coat, thick wool, more warm and bright yellow mustard


If you think a large area of mustard yellow is not good control, you can focus on the selection of a single product such a color, play a role in the body with the light.


9, Potter’s Clay

As a member of the brown clay earth color, with a bit more of the autumn orange. This color with vintage suede material popular also tied up, with a special texture and heavy warmth.


Clay Brown should be most fashionable girls favorite color. Heavy color and winter more perfect fusion, such a suede material long coat was to burst!


This tone of the bag, fashion and no lack of texture


10, Bodacious
Such a purple with pink tones, as an unexpected selection of colors, is to lay their own fashion status, issued a more resounding fashion declaration.


Autumn and winter dress a lot of stars will choose this color. If we usually wear the best is to choose to do within the ride. For example, choose a long section of the autumn and winter dress or knit sweater.


So, in these ten colors, which do you prefer?

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