Willow smoke outside the cold dawn light, spring awakens Apricot Branches
Spring is a fascinating season
Peaceful sunshine, warm air, amazing views
Whether you can’t wait to have a pleasant trip
I do not know how to make people shine?
Today, cashmere family METTE recommends for you
One-week fashion items
Exquisite embroidery, beautiful print, simple OL
Every style makes your clothes perfect


Embroidery printing series

Make a beautiful embroidery element
Need complicated procedures
From pattern design to fabric pattern making to craft weaving
Every link has a precise rule
A slight deviation will destroy the overall beauty
Cashmere family METTE embroidery luxury custom series
Featured mulberry silk and cotton blend fabric
Incorporate a unique pattern of embroidery
Make the overall garment light and breathable and more three-dimensional
Create a more perfect body shape


Delicate small circles are closely arranged like waves
And the flowers that float on the water float with the waves
Full of romanticism
Then the designer suddenly sprouted new ideas.
She casually scattered flowers on the fabric
Presents a free and unrestrained state of mind and emotion
But not enough, she still needs a bow tie
To paint her dream with a playful and lovely full stop


How to create simple things to chic
Is a big test of fashion
Even if only one element is available
Also want to make it interesting
Outline outlines with smooth, dotted lines
Under the simple and relaxed silhouette
Shows a sense of spirituality like a string of pearls


A plain white T-shirt against the backdrop of a cluster of flowers
You can immediately become as slim as a hibiscus
Although it is only a small ornament, it is very difficult to grasp
If the color is too exaggerated, it will appear
The shape of the flowers is too ordinary to reflect new ideas
Placement can’t hide the subject
Otherwise, it is easy to cause secondary fatigue that is greater than the Lord’s.
So the designers of the cashmere family METTE
Place embellishments on the shoulders, such as fallen petals scattered on the shoulders
With a light translucent texture
To achieve the most perfect design effect


Or embroider the pattern directly on the shoulder with a lighter yarn
A more realistic three-dimensional effect
Slim version, or loose version of the former short and long
Can bring praise to your fashion attitude


Simple OL series

The classic Italian style reflects the exquisite style of European women
Simple OL version shows your hearty and able
The power of Italian style lies in
Simple version and design can show your powerful atmosphere
The more people who dress, the more they can interpret this style.


In such a flowery spring
Put on a party’s delicate print scarf or square scarf
Not only for the overall look to bring a trace of fairy temperament
Show more high fashion taste and match skill
In the crowd, everyone’s eyes can be immediately locked


Simple and elegant suit makes office wear more popular
Slightly loose version reduces the sense of restraint
Also let others feel that you are more mature and stable
100% silk high satin gloss
The fabric is also lighter and softer
Not only reflects your workplace skills
Show your love and pursuit of life and fashion


If you need to attend a formal occasion
So elegant color, version of Slim suit suit
Is your choice
It gives a convincing sense of intelligence and dignity


One-week fashion items
Show off your fashion


Cashmere Family METTE
The above new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to shop selection



Italian-style design based on simple and stylish
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high quality raw materials
Remanufactured with strict environmental standards
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
An urban elite that aims to pursue a quality of life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

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