Recently, the well-known brain cave blogger has a big idea and architecture.

Four actresses by Chen Shu, Yuan Quan, Faye Yu and Zeng Li

A TV play called the “character of a lady”

And for the four leading to different people



The netizen built up an advanced Poster

With the elegant and unique inner qualities of the four protagonists

Add the style of their simple atmosphere.

I did not expect to quickly bring the forward support of tens of thousands of netizens

Weibo’s “lady’s character” is more than 190 million hits



Today we might as well start with the elegant angle of quality

The beauty, elegance, independence and noble character of a lady

The representation is on your daily dress

Especially women in the new age of the workplace



Skilful president style suit


Independent and confident women all pay attention to temperament

Strong air can not only shape the image of the overlord’s president

It is more capable and efficient.

A sharp line, a concise version of the Queen’s temperament



Leisure jacket and trousers style the same suction eye

The collocation of a bright and dark color is more advanced than the depressing.

Comfortable and cool hollowed out flower type fusion of stable advanced ash

Annotate the elegance and elegance of a lady



How can a lady’s character be short of a scarf

Whisper will the colors of spring and flowers

Close into the thread of a soft scarf and weave into an elegant shawl

The annotation of beauty and elegance of the lady’s temperament



The cotton bump texture writing up and down thinking attitude

Smooth lines into a healthy and comfortable sense of cotton.

Pocket practical design make your life more simple

Placket design playful more youthful vitality



Simple temperament shirt

Refreshing your style with a soft, high quality silk blouse

High stable folds like rhythmic sense of general staff

Inlaying romantic flowers into the line

Embellish with exquisite embroidery pattern

Weave a gentle and gentle lady



If romantic prints are too soft

Then use the sapphire blue highlight experience thoroughly tempered grave

A variety of styles with cardigan mix

The character of a lady is more than one

We should live a variety of lives



Wear a lady’s character

Live a wonderful life


Cashmere family METTE

The new products are now on the market

Welcome to store selection


Conceptual design based on simple fashion

Cashmere family METTE from nature

Selection of high quality raw materials

And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards

Abandon the complex design and present the beauty of nature

The urban elite for the pursuit of quality life

Provide comfortable commuting experience

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