In our hearts,
Father love are like this,
Or majestic heavy, warm or kind;
Such as the towering mountains, the warmth of the sun,
Silence and heavy, sincere and simple.


In our hearts,
Father was a super hero,
He could do anything.
We always silently stands in visible places,
Feel free to give us a warm safest protection!


Time as fleeting, fatherly hand in hand, I grew up: when fear, father is a stepping-stone; when darkness father is a lighting lamp; when exhausted, fatherly love is the water of a bay of life; their efforts , fatherly love is a spiritual pillar; when successful, is fatherly encouragement and alarm.


First taught me to speak,
I first taught toddler,
First taught me right from wrong,
I left the first time to send grow up …
Father, how lucky this life,
Have you by my side!


It is that you let me have the courage to face difficulties,
You have to be my most strong backing,
I work outside the home, even if there is no worry,
You can always understand me in particular,
I support every decision!

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Tomorrow is the annual Father’s Day, and his father have done so much for us, we are not the repay him? Today cashmere family father gave you a chance to return.

▼ POLO shirt men’s business clip flower


A plain folder flowers T-shirt, with a black leather briefcase, highlighting his career elite style, matched with a fine watch, gestures full of personal charm.

▼ men hit the color shirt collar POLO


Collision collision color collar and cotton, comfortable and stylish, whether it is casual or formal occasions, they are very suitable. Unlock wearing lowermost two buttons, and then with a suitable pants, wearing a good pair of shoes, very refined. That handsome and fashionable young father is not back?

▼ men’s fashion striped shirt POLO


Classic striped Polo shirt, dark green elegance but also bring his father’s low-key calm, dark black pinstripe pan, full of fashion sense. The cool shades of blue striped shirt is more suitable for Sven-type dad, classic blue stripes clean and fresh, style atmosphere, and the father of a mature man charm complement each other.

▼ classic men’s cotton POLO shirt20160618_214814_008

Want to wear clothing with loose sense, you can choose a larger size, if you want some strong cultivation effect, you can choose a smaller size Polo shirt. Different colors transform to reflect the different qualities and feel.

▼ solid color casual men’s POLO shirt


A suit, a pair of shoes, let him mature charm filling is no doubt, a delicate POLO shirt, can depict exclusively father elegance. At the same time a comfortable decent POLO shirt, can relieve fatigue dad work.

▼ men’s cotton striped shirt POLO

Even if the chances are that you and dad putting on classic POLO shirt, this picture is not very love? Cashmere family believes that a hand-picked by the love of your POLO shirt, this is the best holiday gift for Father!

(Pictures above are provided exclusively by the METTE Cashmere Family official)

Springair Mette Cashmere Family
Mystery Sexy Understated
Low-key luxury, high-end atmosphere, charm sexy black cashmere family storm is staged! ! A lot of style, fashion and elegant, like a family to go to cashmere store to buy it!

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