Each girl wants to have their own wardrobe to wear a few special remarkable temperament baby, is the kind of praise cute, cute jealous and hard to get a perfect single product, this whole baby is AMAZING, shot in your little heart, matt imitation satin fabric, with thin lining, super senior, feel no pressure out of the big counter. Upper body is so amazing you exclaim, just right armhole curvature can wrap annoying layer of fat, crossover design can hem with exquisite sense of dress, wear it to the party in no way inferior to the side of the hollow feeling very special, it has a significant effect thin, and sketched out charming waistline, back zipper is not only easy to wear off, but also adding to the overall fashion sense of a lost metal, more quality. Straight pants with wide leg pants or skirts are very nice too!
image001 image003

The fabric chosen cool ice linen, silk and more ice than normal and smooth texture is more breathable, super comfortable wearing stickers. Version is super amazing, super package of meat at the sleeves, cover Furu just cover the meat of what the weapon, then it is the classic design with a little sense of sexy people simply love. Side of the three-dimensional knit ribbon in the process is also demanding small crossover design of the back will not be too exaggerated, and make the whole clothes fashion sense UP! With wide leg pants, pencil pants or shorts are all OK!

image005 image007
This is not an ordinary halter T, behind completely compelling highlight of lies! Rich style cross pleated dress carefully designed to meet the fashion machine, look carefully behind the three-dimensional design of the strap oh, ultra comfortable boutique modal, there is absolutely no skin-friendly sense of burden.

image009 image011

The special V-shape will visually more three-dimensional look back, but also very thin, small strip decorative design details also catch the eye black classic mystery and little sexy halter feeling simply a perfect match, with pencil pants or shorts pleated skirt sub minutes become summer tease Chinese artifact Oh!

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