Time flies, time flies
Unconsciously people have insufficient financial balance
If you still wish which was not realized
The words you want to say
Always like but always hesitate to buy “it”
Then go finish it! just do it!
Do not wait until you’ve missed it
The world’s most painful thing is that
When remembered yesterday
There is regret in my mind

Cashmere family METTE
Once a year
“Warm 520” Baby Cashmere underwear
After more than 30 days hot sales
From online to offline
All crowdfunding cashmere underwear has been sold out!
However, the strong demand in the voice of the majority of customers
METTE now urgently added a few products
Buddy haven’t purchased get quickly seized the opportunity
Do not wait to be missed until you regret it

The last wave of crowdfunding event!
A limited number of first come first served!
The highest price of 1780 yuan cashmere underwear
Buy now only 520 RMB!
If missing this opportunity
You have to wait another year!
Tips! ! ! !
The last wave is limited in number
Some models may appear out of stock
Need to deliver goods
The delivery time may be delayed
Please wait patiently
No time to explain, quickly buy it!


Knock blackboard! Knock blackboard!
Why Baby Cashmere underwear so popular
As the saying goes, sparrows are small but with all-encompassing
The same is true of a light and soft cashmere underwear
Cashmere family METTE classroom
Bring you a detailed graphic!


After Christmas is New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day is the Spring Festival
New Year holidays to send what gift?


Gifts to send Baby Cashmere cashmere underwear
You send not only the mind, it is caring!
With warm and close the heart and heart distance
Give loved ones a different kind of good memories
What are you waiting for?
Quickly pick a gift for love!

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