Handsome suit collar, retro green fruit collar, fashion twisted flowers, popular thousands of birds, round neck wild, open-lapel elegant. Style noble and luxurious, elegant style, cashmere family METTE fashion and wild boutique men’s cashmere sweater are here. Annual single product, a limited number of classic sections, want to purchase as soon as possible!

Annual single product, elegant & fashion & comfort

8164011 suit men’s cardigan



























Classic three buckle with V-neck design, smooth lines, creating a mature businessman refined gas field and high-quality clothing taste, fit the pocket design, so that this section is more suitable for mature men wearing, and shirts, slacks , Shoes, engraved men steady self-confidence inherent charm.

8164014 Green collar collar men’s cardigan

Uninhibited green fruit collar, highlighting the classic retro charm, 80’s retro wave of obsession, a cyan blue fruit collar cashmere cardigan can be read. From Western-style “smoking equipment” inspiration, as a cigarette and wool cardigan “half-breed”, in addition to elegance and comfort, more a little chic uninhibited feeling.



























Cashmere family cyan blue fruit collar cardigan, take you to revisit the retro trend of the last century, feeling the European-style green fruit collar enduring classic charm.

8164020 round neck drape male pullover

Twisted flowers, be removed from the fashion industry for a long time elements, from Ireland, and later became the New England region is one of the representative of the clothing elements. You may think that the style of the old style, but in recent years has become a hot single product, interpretation of unique retro style.



























Cashmere family METTE Zhu Fei-color round-necked men’s pullover, with jeans or casual pants, retro and stylish. Can also be stacked and shirt, to create a casual casual feel.

Round collar Qian Nong grid men pullover

Thousands of birds, originated in the Prince of Wales lattice, since the Duke of Windsor has been in the 19-20 century has been the favorite of the British aristocracy, has slowly become the trend of the fashion industry will never retreat. Cashmere family METTE thousands of birds round round collar cashmere sweater, to create handsome charm of the goddess of uninhibited.



























Thousand Birds suit, thousands of birds lattice coat, thousands of birds grid cashmere sweater, bags, this element has penetrated into the fashion industry in various fields. Warm and comfortable, the addition of chic uninhibited aristocratic atmosphere. High gray and camel’s combination of retro fashion, with camel trousers, exudes a stylish noble atmosphere.

Men ‘s pullover with round neck

Men’s round neck pullover, the same color interstitial folder, unique, low-key soft without losing the rough charm. Clip camel and blue, dark green and blue two colors of the collision, noble and luxurious cashmere, originality of the design, to bring fashionable and comfortable wearing experience!



























Color, the blue, green, gray, camel and each other, to express the elegant and luxurious texture. The strip is one of the highlights of this section, more suitable for young and trendy people wearing. Cooling days plus a cashmere sweater so you do not fear cold flow.



























8164013 Round neck sesame point jacquard pullover

Gradient snowflake patterns, scattered in the cashmere, creating a romantic aesthetic of the winter atmosphere. White sesame point jacquard and blue color seamless integration, like a quiet night sky under the bright stars, dream quiet, fun.



























There is a popular fashion, called the gradient effect. In recent years, it is widely used in clothing, bags, scarves accessories, interpretation of a different kind of fashion sense. This section jacquard men pullover, it is the use of a jacquard gradient effect, enhance the fashion and fun, reflecting the quality of the quality of autumn and winter sportsman wearing a good texture.

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