Many times,
We are used to “tell lies” to confuse the truth.

For example, receive a gift from a lover,
Generally speaking, we understand each other so deeply,
It is waste of money to buy gifts.
But in fact, they are so happy exactly,
For days was in joy.

A gift is a ritual feeling of love,
It is a antistaling agent which can protect the “lie”.
In this upcoming Tanabata Valentine’s day,
What kind of Valentine do you want to have?

A bundle of romantic rose representing eternal love,
An exclusive candlelight dinner for you and him,
Or is it a priceless edition of love’s memory album?
Tanabata Festival approaching,
METTE Cashmere family also carefully prepared a exclusive gift for you.

August 24th – August 29th,
Leave a message at the end of the comments section and share it with you:
What do you most want to receive on Valentine’s day?
The first 5 comments with the highest vote receive a free gift.
The tanabata Valentine’s Day gift – exclusively from METTE family cashmere.
100% silk silk scarf.
All-match scarf with random color.

Remember to comment on the new product at the end of the article comment section:
What do you most want to receive on Valentine’s day?
Activity deadline: 24:00 in August 29th
Winner announcement time: 10:00 in August 30th

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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