Uniform wind, or military temperament, in the autumn and winter are the popular models of zhongxinggongyue. This kind of dress, and the Israeli army green is good. Green is a very special, out of the ordinary color, whether it is military style long coat, or lean jacket, deep sound of the army green single product was immediately full of British gas, is the fashion tide people’s love. The most important thing is in the green can be a mix of all-match clothes in winter, not only can be cool, but also very handsome, have another sexy taste, detonated popularity.
Believe that many girls for army green coat impression is still stuck in a long paragraph, this short version has also been in the cotton green form, simple style and inside Plush spreading, a warm and cool state in the leather boots and slim in debut.

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Large and fluffy fur clothing hanging on the edge, for fear of a loophole to air an opportunity. Cover the thigh length for thick thighs girls have to wear slim Leggings of courage, even the first time such a collocation heart will trembling, lack of self-confidence, but also can support to army green, fearless.


A military style design in green cotton is no longer too much description of its bright and brave, one side of the arm sleeve armbands posted boujean much more violent aura. The hair clean site in the head, neck wound on the black scarf to protect, even open in, can warm the full.


A large lapel cashmere cover, light look has warm feeling. This warm cotton while many hidden meat scheming design inside, at least, big girl looks a little thin, straight line stereo clipping and covered in green on it, also can make the fat girl looks more compact, spirit.


Perhaps due to the soldiers that the security sense of dependence, the army has become a fashion leader is not an accident at all. This winter will put in the green in the end, who can resist a warm and fashionable coat, green army coat dress so that you don’t have to worry about fat, this winter is absolutely other western style style.

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