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In the autumn and winter, I used to bury my face in a thick knitted sweater. Soft and delicate touch Make people addicted At that moment, all negative emotions seem to be cured. Just like being surrounded by warm sunshine Cozy, comfortable, warm ■  NEW  ■ Red / / slightly cold season a red line […]

Clothing can give us cool or warm when we need it, and we know that we want to be beautiful. How to dress “beautiful” under the premise of warmth and comfort is the theme of the cold season, combined with this year’s hot urban workplace retro style Today, let’s take a look at which items […]

I don’t know when to start We are looking forward to this special day. By the festive atmosphere Don’t worry about the eyes of people around you Speak out loud “I love you” Tanabata Festival Best gift Is the heart that loves you This Tanabata With cashmere familytogether Choose for love Express your “love”

Some people say that only the old Shanghai in the 1930s With ultimate elegance, romance, modernity and classics Like a museum with rich cultural heritage actually not In the trend of history Elegant, romantic, modern and classic Has gradually infiltrated into modern life And formed a new style Cashmere Family Shanghai Chengshan Road July 31 […]

   FLAX The earliest discovered and utilized natural fiber The development of linen fiber is almost equal to that of human civilization. Peeling – Yarn – Castor – Rounding Sizing – Worn-Weaving Complex craftsmanship Making flax fibers tough The linen under modern technology Because of high-tech textile technology It also has a soft quality Quality […]