Simple design

Sky like a sapphire drawing board in general
White clouds weave picture
Swaying maple leaves
Swaying memories of the collection
Diffuse over the fall
Stop in the staircase
A group of deja vu
Flew through the clouds to the distance

Night slowly cool,
In this little cold is more about texture and comfort in the season,
Dressed in advanced texture of the cashmere,
Let you in the crowd come out on top.

Walking on the streets of Hollywood actor Amanda,
Low-key and quiet gas field,
Not only warm the autumn of the depressed,
Let your overall shape to enhance the texture.
If the gentle powder into the delicate cashmere,
It is more release of a touch of tenderness.

Cashmere family recommended for you

Quiet and comfortable skin pink
With diamond-shaped geometric patterns as a whole
Whether it is inside or outside wear
Is a good choice

ID: 8274019

Attended the TV conference Tang Yan,
Dressed in red makeup wrapped,
Like a blooming red rose,
As the memory of the peerless,
Take us to appreciate the royal elegance,
If the combination of cashmere and rosy red,
It is more release of a touch of enthusiasm.

Cashmere family recommended for you

Geometric sense of the three-dimensional flower
Flowing as smooth as possible
A touch of bright red
Become a bright spot

ID: 8274088

Milan Fashion Week singer Ella,
Dressed in famous retro dress,
Low-key but not monotonous, calm but without losing the atmosphere.
It does not wantonly propaganda,
Also never deliberately chasing pop,
But always walk in the fashion industry.
If the name of the wind and cashmere with
It is given it a touch of warmth.

Cashmere family recommended for you

Spinning embroidery
Showing real 3D effects
Accompanied by high-rise dusk gray
Quietly revealing the dynamic sense

ID: 8274075

Attended the film conference muse “GAOYUANYUAN”,
A touch of bright golden,
Irritated our eyes,
Do not need to squander for charming life,
Return to pure and quiet is my pursuit of life.
If the bright yellow can be a little quiet,
If coupled with the soft and warm cashmere,
if possible,
Again dressed in texture of the cashmere skirt,
That had a busy life,
Will be more full of warmth.

Cashmere family recommended for you

Personal cashmere perfect modification curve
Lace heart-shaped collar
In the details of the interpretation of a beautiful romantic
Deep gray texture skirt
Two-way stretch elastic fabric
Make it perfect with a variety of clothing
Using the ribbon stitching way
Perfectly modified leg lines
Highlight the urban women’s soft, tall and straight

ID: 8274045 (top)
ID: 6274004 (bottom)


The weather after the late autumn is getting colder,
Cool breeze clinging to the branches gently swaying.
Love the texture of fluff,
Fell in love with the sense of security as warm asylum,
It becomes your first choice for hiding.
Cashmere, is your reason for falling in love with autumn and winter.
Leisurely minimalist basic luxury concept,
Drifting away the fascinating leisure atmosphere.
Without deliberately outline the body lines,
Bring the most pure beauty.

Cashmere family
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Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be re-built
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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