Coats than the down jacket to fit the curve more lightweight, more than Parker coat a little more formal sense, so the autumn and winter must not be missing is the coat!
A warm coat can keep warm to keep warm, it is also a wild, so girls are tempted to winter to buy a coat mood, but coat so much, which one is the best best for their own You know, affect the most important factor in a coat is nothing less than fabric, version type and color, if the three clearance, then congratulations!

1. Fabrics | Cashmere light warm VS wool stiffness

Woolen coat fabric is generally the majority of wool and cashmere, a small part of alpaca wool and mohair coat, there are 100% polyester fabric, this coat although the version of the type is good, but the feel and warmth is relatively poor, So it is recommended that you have the money to invest in a high quality cashmere coat, you can accompany us for many years.


1.Cashmere: Cashmere from the goat’s bottom layer of fine hair, known as the “soft gold” and “fiber diamonds”, suggest that you choose cashmere ingredients accounted for more than 50% of the coat.
From the selection point of view, the cashmere coat can be considered the first choice of coat, feel smooth, glossy soft, bring their own sense of quality. Superior cashmere coat, dyeing raw materials used are yarn-dyed, pure color.


2.Wool: wool from sheep, wool-based coat shape and more stiffness, so the profile will be more suitable for coat, but made a good version of Slim coat type.


Relatively cashmere, wool coat feel more rough, cheap than cashmere, is the most common coat fabric on the market.

Now casually to see a coat that they are wool coat, but this is actually very normal, it is important how much wool content, the more the better the quality content.


The advantages and disadvantages of the two contrast:
① the warmth of cashmere wool is 8 times the weight is one-fifth of wool;
② because cashmere quality is soft, so the cashmere coat coats generally higher than the general effect of wool coat.
2 | As long as the profile shape is selected well, lean ten pounds is not the thing

After selecting the fabric is profile-shaped friends, silhouette refers to the external contours of clothing can be understood as popular style, the size of the small shortcomings really depend on models to cover up!

1. No fear of H-coat

Features: Shoulder and waist width, no obvious waist, also known as straight type
For the crowd: almost everyone

H-type coat in recent years, one of the tide of the coat industry, because the body does not pick a lot of people like it. With no care, because how to ride how good-looking ah! You can take leather pants, boots, you can also take jeans, canvas shoes, two kinds of wearing two kinds of feel, wild than this.


2. Lovely young cocoon-shaped coat (O-type)

Features: shoulder width narrow waist, waist, buttocks round drum Peng Qi, the shape similar to the cocoon, also known as cocoon type.
For the crowd: the pursuit of cute and stylish girls
Not for the crowd: Hobbit or slip shoulder

Because the appearance is the shape of the oval, it will give a soft, lovely feeling, are very young version of the type. But because the cocoon coat does not have shoulder lines, so need your own shoulders to hold it up, so if you are the Hobbit or slip shoulder, then the cocoon coat is not your best option.


3. Cover the meat of the A-type coat

Features: No waist, wide hem, with a tight under the loose style.
For the crowd: flat chest or leg meat more girls
Not suitable for the crowd: plump or back meat and more women

A coat belongs to the narrow type, suitable for fleshy waist, but the chest is relatively flat girls, play tender plus thin. Horn button-down coat is the A-type coat inside the prominent representatives, with short skirts, sweaters this type of single product, college full of youth.


But the same is not very suitable for fullness of girls, because the wear will look thick in front, but the flat chest and belly a little fleshy girl is very appropriate!


There is a coat of the overall A-line is not obvious, so be sure not to deliberately choose a large leisure, or look there will be a sense of procrastination.


4. Light mature retro X-coat

Features: T-shirt and coat with wide shoulders, wide swing, waist as the basic characteristics, the use of vertical split line structure, so that women meet the natural curve of the United States and the United States
For the crowd: elegant Petty Mature light

X-coat there is a name skirt coat, logo is A large skirt-like hem, waist and a high waist. Comes with thick retro style does not say that the skirt below the waist can fully cover the breech.


5. Lazy fashionable lace-up coat

Features: waist with waist, self-cultivation at the same time was significant waist.
For the crowd: almost everyone

Strictly speaking, the lace coat is not up from the profile up the classification, but the bathrobe-style overcoat-style coat is too hot, so it is an independent sub-out.


Lace coat looks a bit like X-type coat, but the hem part and no X-coat so exaggerated, there is no complicated large pendulum, but the natural droop, so compared to the formal X-coat is more routine.


3 | Color so much, casually selected are very beautiful

Selected fabric and style to the rest of the color of the matter, the most classic of course, than the black and camel


And then escape that can be more deep blue, is also very suitable for autumn and winter atmosphere.


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