Recently, with the cold air suddenly struck, people across the country have felt the chill. Wind, Meng cool, remind us to add more clothes. In addition to Qiu Yi, Qiuku, this time inside the base to wear, based on the most suitable section of the cashmere shirt! Start with a group of street beat in the basic models to see the style of cashmere sweater.


Basic models, as the name suggests, the appearance of partial simple, no complex patterns, suitable for personal wear. Appearance has a high collar, low collar, round neck, V-neck of the points, mostly solid color. Outer wear with trousers, simple and comfortable, but also with a long skirt, skirt, elegant and generous, primer can be worn with long coat, coat, stylish atmosphere.


This section of the high collar shirt, sleeves and collar at the unique hollow pattern, adding to the romantic and feminine. Western style hollow, so that the whole dress is also followed fashionable. This type of foundation, with a coat to wear is suitable, but also can wear, with high waist bust skirt, half skirt material to cashmere, woolen material is better, highlight the noble and elegant ladies Fan children.

Single product recommendation: high collar shirt

High collar, more than the average low-neck warmer, perfectly protect the neck from cold erosion. Knitted lines are clearly visible. Western style high collar, with skirts or coats, jackets are very suitable. Solid color models, better equipped with clothes. Cashmere material, like your second layer of skin.


Basic models can also be a bit tricks, rich color, or bright bright, or neutral atmosphere. Wearing a shirt too thin, sweaters, although good-looking but not to take the air to keep warm. This time, skin-friendly good, touch slip waxy base shirt to come in handy.


Single product recommendation: semi-high collar primer shirt


Too high collar too much trouble, low collar too common, so stylish semi-high collar, was high and thin. Because the semi-high collar properly exposed a little neck, will look longer neck, and it will be more warm than the low collar. Cashmere family springair super-hot semi-high-necked, so you a new high-fashionable beauty.


This pullover has rose red, autumn green, black, coral, coat red five colors. Fashionable semi-high collar cashmere sweater, should be the most suitable to do basketry shirt!

Single product recommendation: V-neck curling women pullover.


If you do not like high collar styles, try a low collar style. Lovely V-neck, Western style V-neck, with curling design, slightly exquisite fashion. Cikuan shirt texture uniform and delicate, elegant colors. Unique V-neck design, helps you reveal the beautiful collarbone, while allowing you to wear a delicate necklace for your overall style plus sub-luster!

Single product recommendation: round neck striped primer shirt


This round neck base shirt, pumping pattern, you want simple, but also have to draw this round neck sweater sweater none other than cashmere. Natural cashmere material, soft and comfortable, feel smooth waxy. Soot and black do not pick color, was thin wild!

Single product recommendation: round neck women pullover



Selected on the basic models can be very fashionable, with a good basic models can still say goodbye to stereotypes, old-fashioned impression. SpringAir basic models affordable, rich colors, take the classic models, the absolute value for money! Piercing the autumn and winter street fashion, shaping the urban women’s unique elegance.

Single product recommendation: fun stretch placket female cardigan


In addition to the hedging style, there are SpringAir basic knitted cardigan. This section basic models cardigan, beautiful and varied colors. No complicated pattern styles, easy to match. Short cardigan side of the small split design, by age interesting fashion. Bright colors like candy color as a pleasant mood. With T-shirts, jeans, youthful vitality. Can also take a coat, coat, warm and comfortable!



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