Cool autumn day! Although not to “the frosty night”, but is “empty mountain rain, the weather late autumn”. In this season, you still lack a basic model of cashmere sweater.

Who says only the basic models, old-fashioned stereotype and boring? Who says the basic models can only render wearing? Fits? A small series of responsible to tell you, wear to the basic models, with a good basic models, still can be fashionable and interesting!


Still in black and white film period, Monroe is wearing a thin texture of cashmere sweater, with casual pants or wide leg pants, to show her the most natural sexy. Half a century later, the breath of elegant breath.


The same people picture is “century gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory goddess Audrey. Hepburn, dressed in a black cashmere sweater with maxi dress, attention to golf figure, elegant and charming, valiant and heroic in bearing. Over the years, Hepburn’s elegant and beautiful, always no match!



The matching technique of basic cashmere sweater:

Pure cashmere sweater, jeans, casual shoes collocation, youth fashion


Collocation Black Slim pants, white shoes, simple fashion


Round neck cashmere sweater, fashionable collocation baggy pants and jacket can choose long coats, chic temperament immediately highlight.


Cashmere sweater collocation, baggy pants and thin cover the meat significantly long legs, can choose jacket coat, uninhibited, fashionable and handsome.


Loose lazy type cashmere sweater, optionally a skirt collocation, can create the French romantic and elegant.



Tight cashmere sweater, it is recommended to skirt the waist, highlighting the beauty of the line.


Cashmere sweater do a bottoming out, wearing a long coat, elegant and charming.


Retro turtlenecks, high-quality cashmere, simple and elegant style, is this winter you need most. Low collar simple, pure all-match, soft comfortable, fashionable degree but did not decline. This autumn and winter wear basic models of cashmere sweater, make you more elegant and charming!



6264001 pumping a shirt black / red / Grey / gouache


Levis, slender body piercing. Vintage high collar, warm and strong, draw perfect neck lines. All-match black red, warm, simple gray, romantic pink, you always have a love. With the outline of the coat, elegant and charming.


8264003 ladies saddle shoulder turtleneck Pullover Black / silver / red / Green / Blue / yellow

Saddle shoulder, practical and generous, more fit shoulder type, three-dimensional effect. In addition to the basic black, red, gray, green, blue, and yellow ginger. This season’s autumn and winter, wearing the basic models, so that the beautiful bloom.


Cashmere sweater can not only restore the classic good grace of the sense, the most important is very all-match. From the elegant to the streets, from a woman to tough and handsome, it can collocation.


So nice to wear real and all-match cashmere sweater, is not the only female models? Of course not, the following small series for you to recommend two SPRINGAIR men’s cashmere sweater.


8164028 half male gray / grey turtleneck Pullover / light Khaki / red coat

Half a cashmere sweater, embodies the beauty of low-key. Full of design sense of the lines and simple outline, to convey the idea of a comfortable and casual. Calm is not fashionable, but low-key connotation, instantly make the other half safe feeling overwhelmed.


8164027 men V Pullover cowboy Navy Blue / Black / grey

This cashmere sweater, light and thin fashion. V collar design, breaking the dull monotonous. Can take the shirt dress, introverted calm. For business occasions, and a decent suit is the best partner. Holding a briefcase, self determined, men’s business image calm, yueranzhishang.


A gentleman of practice, need a basic cashmere sweater. Have a natural color, pure beauty, low-key luxuriant implication. Shape mature, confident, masculine tough gentlemen image quickly for it with her boyfriend!

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