Dark green, the integration of black and green calm harmony, giving the impression of overall stable noble, but also reveals a hint of retro feeling. Pan Wu quiet dark green color under different fabrics in the use of materials also reflects the multi-texture, profile aspect more biased in favor of elegant sedate style.


Dark green color is very elegant, ya get clear, ya got to have vitality. Dark green like a rustic nobility, with a garden from the elegant and fragrant, dark green like a sly Fairy Queen, with a calm atmosphere and full of wisdom, with vivid calmly.


Family issue cashmere truth Recommended summer colors of dark green series, sober and elegant, calm and low-key, never forget to bring your visual experience.

First Style

Women’s silk gown splicing


▲ 3260112 100% silk fabrics
Loose round neck design, simple and elegant style. Deep dark green color, more elegant and calm. It has a charm, outline simple style simple feelings. Retro, is elegant, mature, intriguing femininity.


Although deep, but there is a strong trait can not be ignored. Summer Street, it needs to break the dull, a bit dull for the season to add vitality. Artfully colors, pastel, simple and elegant tailoring, modification of the same good figure.

Second Style

Women’s sleeve cardigan



▲ 3260004 100% silk fabrics

Dark green sleeve cardigan, slim leisure, take the small white sleeveless shirt, the next ride Slim trousers, casual elegance, a bit biased workplace casual feel. Dark green with white is very significant temperament, whether it is for office wear, or everyday dress, very fit.

Third Style

Women’s trousers Bigfoot


▲ 3260022 69% silk 31% linen

Dark green culottes Bigfoot, using silk and linen blended fabrics, fresh and natural, straight wide leg pants, adding a sense of cool summer. T-shirt with white printing, fresh garden. Or women with a simple shirt, more fresh and neat.

Fourth Style

Women’s umbrella skirt


▲ 3260021 69% silk 31% linen

Half-length dark green dress is also a natural folds silk and linen mixed fabrics absorb both properties. Cool skin-friendly, breathable absorbent, natural folds adds beauty skirt. With white or beige shirt, T-shirts are fashionable by age. With high heels or flat shoes can be casual. If this dress with a simple shirt, and can be equipped with one meter white belt little modified look, giving the impression that the overall bias fresh and elegant.


It is easy-going, but not mediocre, it is quiet, but not dumb. In bright colors in all, it was a unique coordinator, the fusion of black and green, low-key and eye-catching, deeply attracted the public’s attention, the interpretation of the quiet summer fashion.

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Vintage quiet elegance
Dark green like a deep well, quiet mysterious; dark green patches of moss is summer tiles on the roof, the next after the rain in the afternoon emit bursts of fragrance.
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