Autumn is so imperceptible to the past, the winter is coming. In the eyes of the fashionable people, down jacket is the fashion insulator. However, it is also one of the essential goods wardrobe. After all, in the snow days, down more than warm clothes are not many.

Down jacket how to wear is not bloated?
Down jacket how to wear in order to keep warm at the same time a little bit of beauty?
Come and see it together.

NO.1 light down + fashionable coat
Choose the light down, and fashionable woolen coat, cashmere coat as the ride, not only demeanor diminished, also warm!




NO.2 personal ride + slim skirt
The slender, ride next to the skin, reduce down heavy feeling, slim or slender waist skirt, is a good choice.



NO.3 fluffy feather + tight pants
The best partner down jacket – collocation tight skinny pants, trousers and tight upper fluffy down jacket.


NO.4 with color matching + curve drawing
The same color collocation, stretch the body curve, visual tall, natural sense of a lot of weak bloated.



NO.5 + waist high waist down
Methods: the universal thin waist line! If you want to be thin, you must first have a waist. Want to reduce the bloated down jacket, and do not want to spend more time on the collocation of the girl, close down is a must!


There is no perfect clothes, as long as the heart, can wear a fashion fan!
Spend more time and energy on optimizing yourself!
Also can wear stylish jacket.

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