Rich and diverse fashion industry, it was love black and white gray temperament classic, but also some people love the colorful gorgeous scene. Red is a synonym for passion, orange full of vitality and youthful charm. Orange + red, blooming bright warm texture, natural interpretation of vulgar temperament.

The new goddess Ni Ni with a orange dress, to attend the brand activities.

Bright orange fresh seductive, not only bring out the white skin, more natural decorate the elegant oriental beauty rhyme, that bright smile, simply beautiful to the bones.

This touch of orange, such as the sun-like warm heart. It is gorgeous but not tacky, warm and not dazzling; more lively than the red skin. Put on the body, highlight the young fashionable look, this summer may wish to add a touch of bright red orange wardrobe, with a young Fan light wonderful life.

Dress: 4271025 Top: 4271023

Japan imported lace fabric
Flower pattern and fine lines embroidered lace
Using artificial yarn weaving, three-dimensional sense of stronger
And orange with the elegant encounter
Exudes a rich romantic atmosphere
This touch of women inadvertently revealed

Pants: 4271002

Everyday wear
Need a superior quality pants
You can wear clothing with the style with the charm
But also with high heels or shoes
Commute leisurely easy to get
Selected imports of Japanese fabrics
Quick drying sweat, good permeability
Bring free summer enjoyment

Shirt: 7271014

Collar, cuffs of the burr design
With the nature of the retro fashion charm
Simple dark placket
Inadvertently show style temperament
With black or light-colored pants
Naturally create a bright summer LOOK

Shirt: 7271013

With a orange line
Walking between the green
Such as the art of the brush
Colorful visual pictorial
More like a gorgeous rainbow
Cure all the inner beauty is not good

Cardigan: 5271039

Unexpected cooling of the weather, cold air conditioning room
Ultra-thin 100% wool cardigan to your intimate warmth to enjoy
Innovative knitting process to build thin and light style
Take a skirt, T-shirt or shirt
Easily wear out your elegant temperament

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