Recently cold weather can begin to wear a cotton-padded jacket, and send winter sweater to wear Raiders, so that the girls can feel at ease for the winter.

1.Warm and beautiful high collar

Think of yourself as a child do not love to wear high-necked sweater, because that high-necked sweater tight and itchy, now, know that high-necked good-looking, changing the pattern to buy high collar.


Sweater inside the most commonly worn color, or inseparable from the black, white, gray, whether inside or outside wear, these colors are definitely not wrong.


Within the ride selected Slim models, Waichuan can choose oversize. The pursuit of individuality girls, only black and white ash certainly can not meet,
This time can also choose other colors, such as dark blue, dark green, turmeric, burgundy, etc., these colors will not be particularly jumping for the autumn and winter but also to the whole package with increased vitality.


With a strap dress is a good choice. Even if the sweater is wearing black and white ash, but also to find ways to wear clothing with their own characteristics, such as a high-necked sweater which stacked a layer of high-collar, both to keep up with the trend, but also highlights their skills with.

2. Practical sets of sweaters

Although a beautiful high-necked sweater, but it is not suitable for short neck girls, this time to come in handy kit sweater!

Neatly stacked on the inside, with Slim models trousers, covered with both handsome and tough to reveal.


The lower body into a skirt, flew will be able to feminine.


In addition to wearing a little sweater, the neck will feel particularly cold, this time you can choose a cashmere fabric scarf, warm at the same time will not make themselves look bloated.


3.Personality cork sweater

Wear the basis of the paragraph when tired, you can try personality cork sweater.

Such as the side of the split, a large V-neck sweater, suitable for conservative girls to wear when the style, but will not seem too exaggerated.


Striped cut sweater in the daily rare, but it is more suitable than plain sweater Waichuan style. Especially the small details of the clothes comes with, allowing you to save a lot of detail with the idea.

Like with a lotus leaf, trumpet sleeves, hair bulb and other decorative details of the style, this style fashionable suction eyes, in some special occasions is with the weapon, such as the influx of people party, fashion week and so on. If there is a need to attend such occasions, you can consider to buy one.

In fact, the girls are not really fine clothes, choose a version type, quality sweater than consequently important. Autumn and winter to buy these three types of sweater, and more with several ways to change every day, people feel to wear new clothes.

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