Sweltering summer night did not retire, wrapped in quilts too stuffy, too hot, do not worry about the cold and tuck. This time, a thin wool blanket is your best choice. Whether it is lying on the couch watching TV, or evenings, to a cashmere blanket, healthy, peace of mind can help you sleep.


Cashmere rare, transactions in grams of fixing prices, known as “fiber gem”, “soft gold.” Cashmere hygroscopic and difficult to fade, slim, smooth, waxy feel, soft color. Cashmere super good skin-friendly, so it brings comfort and direct contact with the skin, far better than any other material blanket. Cashmere there are very good care of, fine gentle animal fiber can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, help you and your family healthy.


Family natural color cashmere cashmere blanket rare selection of 100% Tibetan cashmere, double-sided brushed with Italian new technology woven light texture, soft touch, healthy environment.
20160626_163648_002 20160626_163648_003

▲ 100% natural cashmere blanket cashmere


▲ natural cashmere blanket
▲ ▲ natural natural tan ivory

Cashmere family classic herringbone cashmere blanket, followed classic European herringbone style, a unique spinning and weaving elastic inflection of new technology, so that products not only has excellent thermal resistance, while pleated wrinkle.

20160626_163648_005 20160626_163648_006

▲ classic herringbone cashmere blanket ▲ 100% cashmere

▲ ▲ flower flower brown burgundy

A cool breeze, a rain brings coolness, cashmere blanket cashmere family, such as the gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun, such as the delicate love, beautiful as an angel to bring you and your family the most tender selfless love!

You can lay on the couch doing matching decorative, it can be used as a blanket on the bed to use, or in the car readily available, practical and convenient, intimate and comfortable. Binding life elegant taste, all in cashmere family!
After a hard day’s work, tired body home, can not wait to just melt into the soft sofa, dressed in delicate soft cashmere blanket, turned lazily watching television, reading the newspaper or tea, so alone enjoy this peaceful cozy evening in.


Or gossip, relaxing nest on the sofa, while check your child’s homework, while enjoying intimate moments with his family. Watching the children fall asleep, as he gently covered with a wool blanket, the truth needs care, life needs companionship. I believe with family Cashmere Goat Hill carpet company, will be for you and your family to add a warm and moving.
Natural cashmere pillow selection of rare 100% woven Tibetan goat. Cashmere skin-friendly excellent sense of direct contact with the skin it brings comfort, far superior to any other material cushion. Flexible high density curvature produce this protein makes cashmere fiber can have some massage to help improve the quality of your sleep and your family.

▲ ▲ 100% cashmere cashmere pillow
▲ ▲ natural natural tan ivory

Every ray of warm cashmere, are derived from natural gift! Home series cashmere, 100% cashmere quality, environmental protection and natural, the body without any stimulation. Easy to carry, it is a good companion for your home and travel.


Precious and delicate, soft, comfortable, environmental health, and this is your family cashmere deepest love!

All Apparel above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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