Cashmere cardigan

Why choose Springair Textile?

(1)Material: we purchase 100% cashmere raw material from the Inner Mongolia Origin, so we can offer you good quality products with reasonable price.

(2)Factory: both big and small orders are accepted, because we have our own factory(actually over 15 factories), which is in knitting fields for more than 20 years, we are professional to serve you well.

(3)Design group: we have top-grade European and American new arrivals regularly. Not only do we provide artwork manufacturing and distribution, but also offer consultation services for design.

(4)Re-inspection: the Cashmere apparel ahd Cashmere yarn products are inspected in our factory, then a re-inspection will be followed in our shanghai office, which guarantee the first quality products for our customers.

(5)Customization: customized Logo and Design are accepted, we can make sample accordingly for your quality and style reference first, if you’re satisfied with it, then we’ll go ahead.

Why we love Cashmere?


100% cashmere materials make people skin cosy and comfortable and more breathable, a new quick feeling of warmth.
Finest cashmere yarns, unique cutting, smooth lines make Lan’s to be a first-class brand!
Wearing it, get a new feeling of softness!

The advantages characteristic of cashmere

1. fine, soft, warm

Cashmere is a kind of animal fiber, cashmere fineness in general is between 11um-15.5um, natural curled, closely arranged in the spinning and weaving process, gathering tightly, so it’s equipped with strong ability of keeping warm, which is 1.5-2 times of wool. Cashmere fiber is small, smooth on the surface scales, an air layer is the middle of the fiber, so that it is light weight, but the hand feeling is much softer.

2. natural fiber without chemical

Cashmere fiber is of uniformity, tight in density, strong moisture absorption ability. It can fully absorb the dye, but not fade away easily. Compared with other fiber, cashmere has natural luster, soft, pure, bright etc..

3. flexibility, elasticity
Cashmere fiber due to its higher curled number, curled ratio, curled recovery, suitable for making into good hand feeling, elasticity and soft, comfortable knitting wear. It also has good reduction property, especially in the washing, no shrink, good performance in shaping.

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