Bursts of north wind, white winter, such as about to, we remember last winter cashmere family “warm 520” baby cashmere underwear all the activities? Activities perfect ending, cashmere family harvest a group of loyal and lovely fans friends. Thanks to the love and support of small partners, in order to meet the needs and wishes of the old friends of the cashmere family, “Warm 520” all the activities to return to the event. And we have a “love and warmth,” the romantic dating it!


【Warm 520】 Details
1, Activities:
The cashmere family Xiaoshan cashmere underwear activities using “public + distribution” model.
Crowd, that is, “buy + pre-order”, after the start of the event, the first pre-registration, baby cashmere underwear with the number of changes in the number of applicants for real-time adjustment. When the number reached 10,000, the sales price for the activities of the lowest 520 yuan / piece.
Distribution: all concerned about the cashmere family METTE public number of staff, automatically become a cashmere family spokesperson, spokesperson who successfully recommend others to raise the platform in the WeChat to buy cashmere underwear, can get a certain percentage of rebates.


2, the event registration time: November 15 – November 18;
3, activities to buy time: When the registration staff to reach 10,000 people, you can start to buy.
4, the application period Price:

The number of people to raise registration                                     “520” to raise money for the public
0 ~ 6000 people                                                                                           1380-1780 yuan
6001 ~ 10000 people                                                                                 720 yuan
10,000 or more                                                                                             520 yuan


【How to apply】
Method 1: click to identify the following two-dimensional code, WeChat public concern — into the cashmere family METTE service number, click on the lower left corner of the “participation in the public”, enter the page click on the “I want to register” to register (pay attention to cashmere family MetteCashmere subscription Number can also apply, operation Ibid).



Method 2: Finger gently point – at the end of the lower left corner of the “read the original”, you can register.
【how to buy】
1, when the number of applicants to 10,000 people, you can buy the highest price of 520 warm price of 1780 yuan Baby Cashmere underwear.
2, into the “family cashmere METTE” service number or “cashmere family MetteCashmere” subscription number, click on the bottom left corner of the “participation in the public”, enter the purchase page, browse details, select the favorite products – click “Buy Now” single.


【How to share recommended】
1, click on the lower right corner of the custom menu “warm 520 – my two-dimensional code” to obtain your personal exclusive two-dimensional code.
2, long press you get personal exclusive two-dimensional code, into the phone album.
3, your personal exclusive two-dimensional code picture to share a circle of friends or share to friends or forwarded to the WeChat group of friends, others by scanning your exclusive two-dimensional code, WeChat platform, will become your subordinate spokesperson.
4, you can also register after the event, the link [forwarded to the circle of friends], read the link to enter the platform of friends and WeChat public concern platform, you will become a subordinate spokesperson.


【 “Warm 520” set the collar scarf】
Where the next single purchase customers, according to the relevant requirements of friends Circle graphics, text, including “Cashmere family Mette, warm 520 small cashmere underwear all the activities started”, the picture must be associated with this event, such as buyers show, Pictures, underwear physical map, cashmere family stores photos, activities, such as two-dimensional code at least 3 or more, set the praise 30, with screenshots and “Warm 520” card, to receive cash value of 1080 yuan a family of scarves scarves .


【Rebate mode explanation】
Lower advocate is divided into a, two, three, each level of the rebate ratio were: 5%, 3%, 2%. Specific details see diagram:


This is the cashmere underwear 520 on the details of the activities of the public, you have it clear?
If you still have questions, please call customer service phone “400-6050-515” or customer service micro message “yrsj4006050515”.

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