“New Year’s Day” means “first day”. New Year’s Day in China is known as the Gregorian New Year, New Year’s Day is also the world’s many countries and regions, statutory holidays.

On the day of the festival, people all over the country will be held to celebrate the New Year’s party, performance, party party, tourism and other celebrations.

2016 hurried past, fantastic festive New Year’s Day with winter snow. New Year’s bell is about to ring, lanterns, fireworks brilliant, in the festive sound of blessing, the old welcome, celebrate usher in 2017. We wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

Cashmere family METTE celebrate New Year’s Day, the election ceremony, so you Tesco non-stop. “Egg” huge benefit: December 23 – January 3, METTE brand audience 30% off. Single payment of over 1,000 yuan to send 100 yuan to use coupons, a single payment of full 2,000 yuan to send 200 yuan coupons + exquisite gift box, a single real payment of 3,000 yuan to send 300 yuan coupons + exquisite gift box Copies, and so on.

Celebrate the New Year, put on the trend of suits, exquisite and charming. Complete and reflect the level of sense of the suit, is favored by women in the workplace dress. And the suit does not need to spend too much effort, more and more let us feel the “lazy suit” charm. Simple but allows us to feel the perfect gorgeous aesthetic effect.

8264065 + 8264064

Red loaded Cantabile, it is the best praise of the festival! Style and taste of the charm of women are like a single red goods, especially as the New Year’s Day, a touch of red can not only lively festive atmosphere festive atmosphere, but also allows the dresser shine in the crowd charming. With a black line is particularly suitable for single product, classic and elegant style of painting brings extraordinary amazing results, people never forget, enchanted addicted!
8264059 + 8264058

Soft lotus leaf, flowers, all full of romantic girl feelings, instantly ignite the hearts of girls, touch the soul of every woman the most soft feelings. Half of the girls, half of Mature temperament, just the right way.

Round collar rose wool jacket, gentle and simple, with a low collar pullovers, casual jeans, personalized boots, fine in a trace of romantic.


Bordeaux big pendulum coat, below the big skirt filled with romantic feminine, burgundy, like the taste of mellow coffee, red fitted upper body, the city beauty of the elegant and refined interpretation of just right.

Free skirt, more mature and elegant women’s self-confidence elegant nature, with a single black goods, show the elegance of the senior.

To pay attention to a type and gas field, for your wardrobe to buy several long knee coat over it. Cashmere family METTE red large lapel wool coat, elegant and stylish, with a single black goods, classic fashion style, flaming lips, but also highlights the sexy charm. A Oversize coat, comes with a strong gas field. New Year’s Day, so wear only occasion! .

More exciting clothing, all in the family cashmere METTE Thanksgiving feedback season, limited time discount, a limited number of cashmere family stores nationwide welcome you!

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