Close to 2017’s end of the year
There is a hope that time can go slowly
There is also a hope for a beautiful new year
In addition to hoping to have a good harvest at the end of the year
Hopefully, there will be a good start at the beginning of next year
In the footsteps of the end of the year
Carnival also officially kicked off at the end of year!


Double festival(Chinese Dumpling & Christmas) celebration And “ceremony” together

Come take a look at the cashmere family METTE
What are the beautiful gifts for you?
Seize the opportunity
This time we must win all!

# Cashmere family METTE double festivals carvinal#
Exquisite gifts overlook


Little British style for Christmas
Red, navy blue intertwined thick Christmas flavor
With different colors and styles
Draw a perfect ending for 2017
Opening a new journey for 2018


Elegant retro colors
Light tassels or exquisite thread
However, many publicity can take a variety of styles
When it is sunny, it is a good companion for travel
When the cold more able to protect your warmth

Purple single product was white
And gives a sense of grace and luxury
To be fringed as a decoration
More able to show a soft and flexible posture


The more light and elegant
The more elegant movement
Graceful colors
Is the most true color of heart

Carnival began immediately
Wonderful gifts to send non-stop
Seize the opportunity to win it all!


Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be rebuilt
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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