One of Chanel’s chief shoemaker once said, “all manual skills, by oral teaching intentions to learn.” Only advocate “the pursuit of excellence, excellence, the user first” spirit of the artisans in order to make such a traditional industry, such as wool textile machinery production in the era of industrial further and further away. Cashmere family METTE since its inception, has been adhering to the ingenuity and craftsmanship to create cashmere authentic.


Materials and ingenuity.
Fabric for clothing, just like the importance of skin for women. Enjoy the “soft gold” reputation of the cashmere, fiber in the field so far occupy any material unparalleled proud status. Cashmere family METTE selected from the world’s best quality pastoral areas – Qinghai Haixi Dulan County, Tibet Naqu areas such as elevation four or five meters above the alpine region, the length of up to 36 mm or more, the finest is only the smallest 13μm, particularly soft touch, not easy to deformation, with a strong warmth.


Originality of design.
METTE brand is the cashmere family’s pure Italian fashion design high-end cashmere brand, brand chief designer Ms. Alessandra Vettori has the world’s first cashmere brand Loro Piana to provide design services, elegant design known for elegance.


She has a unique originality in the use of fabrics and materials. She has outstanding performance in the design and color matching of cashmere garments and costumes. She is especially good at female-specific keen insight, combining the most popular elements in the world and Cashmere quality of the ingenious combination of design process is also fully integrated with the Asians of the body characteristics of the clothing version of the type fit more Asian body curve, more comfortable fit, more modified stature. At present, more than 60 knitted jackets have been patented product title. The collision of Eastern and Western culture and thought, the fusion of classical and modern, as we deduce a magnificent visual feast.

The production of ingenuity.
From the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other countries to introduce the world ‘s most advanced textile production lines, with more than 1,000 tons of cashmere yarn, 3 million cashmere garments, apparel the annual production capacity. Automatic intelligent spinning equipment for the production of high-quality products escort.


The whole selection of dyes and auxiliaries with the 100 year history of the United States Huntsman Corp (formerly Ciba company) production of reactive dyes for wool, environmental protection level to the highest standards of the EU, to protect the best of raw cashmere from. Dyeing and finishing all of the use of soft water, distilled water, make the fabric more environmentally friendly, more shiny. In the pursuit of environmental protection, health, endless pursuit, the company is trying to use the plant pigment coloring, so that the fabric is more environmentally friendly.


Each production link, each process is strictly in accordance with the quality standards, in every link is completed, there are professional inspection personnel checks, from every aspect of the production process to control the quality of products.

Technological ingenuity.
The new technology of soluble spinning unique, cast thin as onion skin cashmere fabric, bring incomparable wearing experience; hand knitting technology have great originality as relatives, bring gentle care. The knitting process made the three-dimensional tailoring effect, is a family of cashmere METTE technical breakthrough, without cutting, clothing has a powerful shaping effect, more fitting curves of the body, more comfortable fit.


Low temperature dyeing new process, reducing the damage to the fabric, the fabric more toughness.

The builders and ingenuity.
More than 1,000 professional training, with decades of experience in spinning weaving craftsmen, only in 2014 for many international brands and its own brand production of cashmere clothing, more than 3 million pieces of clothing.


Attitude and ingenuity.
Cashmere family METTE every artist are skilful, with their attitude of excellence, strict in demands to complete their work. As they work for art, crafted, it is this focus and the pursuit of excellence, and laid a solid foundation for cashmere family METTE “striving for the world’s most valuable brand of cashmere” this beautiful vision.
Focus, rigorous, professional, the pursuit of perfection. Cashmere family METTE with action and adhere to the interpretation of the spirit of the craftsman, demanding perfection in the details, the pursuit of excellence in quality. In every process, every link carved excellence. This is a generation of researchers who pursue diligently.


Its most valuable is not only Art beats nature. craft, but also in the excellence, the pursuit of perfect artisan spirit”. With this stick and attention, constantly inheritance and innovation, a sincere and perfect presentation of Seiko secret agents!

Originality of products.
Cashmere family METTE products cover men and women clothing, children’s wear, accessories, home four series. Fashion cashmere knitted jacket, personal thermal underwear, cashmere blankets, etc..



After many years of development and market development, cashmere family METTE Direct stores have been all over Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang and other domestic first, second tier cities. Overseas brand stores in Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Spain and other major cities in Europe and the United states.



Services all over the world


The heart of the craftsman, never change
Salute the ingenuity, the pursuit of perfection
Family trip METTE cashmere ingenuity
We walk with you all the way


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