Cashmere family METTE fashion design into cashmere knitwear, with the international pop elements, fashion colors, simple design of the atmosphere, elegant and elegant cashmere single product. Cashmere with a single product to convey the beauty of cashmere, calm and elegant colors, the details of excellence, fixed-grid met the quality of the quality of cashmere, and write a cashmere and fashion winter song!

Collarless Collar Jacket

Quiet and elegant gray line
Always give the winter cast a layer of demure color

Black and gray large stitching

Walked a senior hit color wind

Waist design, elegant and stylish

Instant embodiment of a fashionable girl

Walking in Italy

Full of humane atmosphere of the city streets

Standing collar long – sleeved jacket

The same series of short coat
The overall use of gray-based colors

Highlighting women mature and elegant charm

Can be used with black Slim feet pants

Simple without losing sex

Gray and white pattern

More refined and elegant

8264068 Women’s standing collar cardigan

This section uses a simple H version
Also joined the double-color drum-like dot pattern

So that the cashmere jacket a more playful and fun

Collar edge, cuffs, etc. hit the black side of the color package edge

An increase of the hale sense of clothing

Color, smooth lines

Very suitable for romantic and charming winter

8264062 Women’s lapel short jacket

With black and white outline of the classic
Black and white neutral world

Interesting honeycomb pattern

Collar, cuffs, skirts at the black side of the package

More reflect the details of the Department of fine and delicate

With black skirt, boots

Elegant yet playful and lively

Slightly loose version of the type
Low-profile simple color
Blowing a wave of cashmere leisure
Delicate and precious cashmere coat
With exquisite retro boots, bags
Very aristocratic temperament

8264055 Round neck short fragrant wind jacket

This cardigan quite Chanel
Classic style of small incense wind

Collar, skirts, cuffs at the black blank

Wrapped edge of the white decorative hand-sewn

Very delicate, beautiful, generous

Texture with a black turtleneck

And the British black and white gray plaid half skirt

Classic, elegant, noble, charming
Delicate and precise tailoring, beautiful colors, extremely fit the human version of the type, originality of the details of the elements of fashionable personality, cashmere family METTE with a piece of Seiko secret agents, wake up cashmere on the memory of fashion. Winter has arrived, the snow dancing against the north wind, frost and morning dew dependent, bursts of chill hit, METTE family of cashmere invites you to share the romantic winter song!

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