BabyCashmere is a very rare and precious natural fiber, cashmere family selection of small cashmere from Tibet, Qinghai, 3000 – 4000 meters above sea level in the alpine region under the age of a small goat inner hair, better than ordinary cashmere, more precious , Called “cashmere aristocracy”.

Once in a lifetime
Once 35 grams
More precious, more rare


The fluff is collected by a finely and completely harmless carding process, which can only be done once every goat grows between 3 and 12 months, using a soft combing process. In other words, can only be obtained in the goat cub, life only once, which shows its precious!
Each goat can only produce not more than 80 grams of inner hair, remove the rough part, leaving only about 35 grams of available fiber. 19 small goat fluff fiber is enough to make a cashmere sweater, and the production of an overcoat will need 58 small goat fluff. Rare and rare degree of luxury can be seen!

36 mm
Fineness of 13.5μm
Lighter, thinner, and warmer


Baby Cashmere is not only more rare than adult cashmere, but also more delicate: fiber average diameter of only 13 to 13.5 microns, while the traditional best quality cashmere is only 14.5 microns. The touch is very soft and smooth, like a newborn baby’s skin soft and delicate.

Soft wax skin-friendly
Like the second layer of skin
More warm and comfortable


Baby Cashmere weaving clothing close to wear, the temperature in the outside world under the conditions of automatic moisture change perspiration, wear and instantly after the same temperature with the skin, the cold season can also maintain skin elasticity and temperature.

Unique high-density bending
Promote blood circulation
More conducive to health


Baby Cashmere unique high-density bend, close to wear, can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation, help to alleviate and reduce fatigue, so the cashmere also has a good health function, more healthy.


Cashmere family Xiaoshan cashmere underwear is from this precious, rare raw materials. Next Xiaobian will continue to introduce cashmere cashmere underwear family of outstanding efficacy and unique, so stay tuned! .


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