Imperceptibly is the last month of 2016, the weather is getting cold, see everyone in the dress coat, straight, waist, slim, poncho, good-looking and seductive.




But no matter how good the body is also more or less a little flawed and not the perfect place, not all the clothes can control. Today, cashmere family for you to prepare a different body type of dress guide, according to their own body selection for their own style, let you wear beautiful clothes and then go out.


Straight type figure: shoulder width and hip width roughly the same, there is no waist curve, the overall appearance looks slim straight type. Such a body can wear any style jacket, but pay attention to highlight the feeling of thin high. This body of women should choose to cut fit fit, length and calf coat. But should not wear cross-section, large flowers double-breasted and patch pocket style. While the lower body should choose dark Slim trousers. The color of pants with the best shoes and socks to maintain the same color, in order to achieve the effect of visual extension.

Recommended coat: and ankle long coat


Apple-type body: This figure of women, lower body and arm slender slender waist and abdomen, fleshy little pot of body. This figure is more common in Asian women. This figure should be selected in the long section of women-shaped coat, can be a good cover and hide the flesh of the abdomen. Lower body with straight pants, or knees straight skirt, can make you more slim.

Recommended coats: profile-shaped coat, cocoon coat



Pear shape: if your shoulders than the narrow crotch, the upper body is symmetrical, but from the hip to the calf are plump, this figure is “pear shape”. This is to reject the bandage coat, this can only make you look more bloated. This modification of body should choose loose, upper layers are insufficient to make up for the narrow upper body clothes. You can choose the waist, thigh length in the middle, open hem coat, lower bottoms can cover full dress collocation. Color collocation should be selected under the deep color in the.

Recommended coat: A-shaped coat, umbrella type coat


The hourglass figure features: the hourglass figure is slender waist, shoulder and chest plump shoulder, hip width, a plump sexy figure. This figure is more advantage, dress collocation is more simple, the better. You can choose long and buttocks, simple design V collar or Lapel coat assembly loose straight leg or straight skirt. If you want to highlight the advantages of figure, can choose high waist bandage style.

Recommendation: coat wrapped lace coat, waist coat


Chunky shape: no special curves for the body shape, shoulder width and hip width are equal, but the body was small, fleshy more plump women. Should choose to cut fit, length to the thigh of the loose cloak jacket, the lower body choose the dark body of the pants. Collocation should pay attention to the more simple and easy, the better, too much decoration instead produce a sense of expansion, will be more fat.

Recommended coat: cape coat


Newspaper-type figure:no obvious curve body is also very distressed collocation. The flat has no curve of figure wear what all have no type how to do? This figure should be avoided with the H type, straight tube type, because such a mix will only make you look even more thin. This female figure may choose some lace coats, highlighting the curve, or suit the body coat, to enhance the curve of the figure.

Recommendation: suit coat type slim coat


In addition to style and mix, the election of the color is also very important. Black, gray, beige top are more texture and classic colors, is an indispensable all-match color closet. If you want to highlight the personality, can also choose blue, green and red these bright colors. In addition, according to their color and preferences, avoid weaknesses. Wish you have a happy, warm modern charming winter!

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