METTE Cashmere Family 2016 new autumn and winter series fully combined the most popular elements and traditional manual processes, close to the heart and life, excellence, originality, interpretation of fashion and elegance, finishing exquisite simplicity of life. Filling love in this fall and winter, not to be missed.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (1)
M 8164032 dark green round neck pullover ▲ 100% cashmere
▲ round neck women dress 8264042 brick red 100% cashmere

The new season of cashmere METTE new family, the use of international fashion color, popular element to dress up this fall and winter season. Bright colors hit the color techniques, unique and eye-catching, giving a sense of visual impact. Meets simplicity in mind and white stripes, the color switch freely in well-being.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (2)
▲ fringed jacket lapel 8264022 Sky Blue 100% cashmere
▲ small fragrant romantic Su Kids 8364013 Sky Blue 100% cashmere

Bid farewell to summer and usher in autumn, cool breeze, picturesque, and the children put together fashionable tassel paragraph Family fitted cashmere, pure fresh sky blue, silhouetted against the pure innocent smile on her face. Whether the party or out to the streets to enjoy the warm parent-child time, costumes, you must be the focus of everybody’s eyes.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (3)
▲ long casual dark blue and gray cardigan 8264080

Deep blue and gray casual cashmere cardigan, there is a quiet elegance, convey the wearer calm and cool, intoxicating. Wild fashion, to create urban casual style, it must be this fall and winter essential single product.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (4)
▲ V-neck cardigan 8264023 purple-brown 100% cashmere
▲ U-neck vest 8264024 purple-brown 100% cashmere

Purple-brown cashmere two-piece suit, take the U-shaped neck small vest, wearing a jacket with either with, or one-piece dress, very fit. Low-key soft purple-brown, giving a gentle classical feel. Intimate two-piece design, can withstand the cool autumn.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (5)
▲ black geometric pattern shirt 8,264,043 100% cashmere

Black round neck shirt, asymmetrical geometric patterns, drawing on elements of the trend of the fashion week. Before the film hit the color bright design, gives a fresh feeling. Geometric patterns, giving cashmere sweater more fashion sense. This fall and winter, may wish to use a rich human feelings and retro shirt to dress up colorful life.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (5)
▲ round neck pullover M 8164018 dark blue and gray 100% cashmere

Deep blue and gray pullover, the use of beautiful color to decorate, both casual and fashion, easy match. Visual effects not only changes but also full of dynamic rhythm with trendy features. Gestures full of people demeanor, if you are a fashion, this color cashmere sweater must not be missed.

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (6)cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (7)cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (8) cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (9)
▲ round neck pullover M 8164032 silver / ancient blue / dark green
Neutral gray calm, comes with refined mature temperament; understated sophisticated ancient blue, friendly soft dark green. A variety of colors to meet your fantasy autumn. Looking for pure happiness and joy in the simple tones so pure and simple return to the soul!

cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (10) cashmere-jumper-for-men-women (11)

▲ Women’s round neck dress 8264042 brick red / black

Quiet and elegant, gentle retro, different kind of personality, full of longing, not artificial, not ordinary, nor insolent, this is the new fall and winter METTE Cashmere Family charm! Engraved classic strength, creative ingenuity, breathtaking new trend. Space conversion in history and in the new era, the interpretation of one of the most valuable brand cashmere.

(Photos from the above new autumn and winter cashmere family)

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