What’s the difference among cashmere, shahtoosh, shamina, pashmina, merino wool, alpaca, and mohair?


Cashmere, shahtoosh, shamina, pashmina, merino wool, alpaca, and mohair are all clothing fiber, all of them are woolen products, and the differences are from their sources and fiber diameters.

Cashmere after spun to cashmere yarn, it will shown elegance in the appearance, and sleek, cozy feeling when it touches human skin.

  • Shahtoosh: downy undercoat from Tibetan antelope (or chiru) (Pantholops hodgsonii); between 10 and 12 microns
  • Cashmere: downy undercoat from goats (Capra hircus); between 12 and 21 microns
  • Pashmina: it is the alias for Cashmere, people in India call cashmere as pashmina.
  • Shamina: finer and softer cashmere fibers; may be less than 14 microns
  • Merino wool: fleece from a breed of sheep (Ovis aries); between 18 and 24 microns
  • Alpaca: hair from llama; between 17 and 28 microns
  • Mohair: fleece from Angora goat; kid fleece is 22 to 27 microns; adults, over 40 microns


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