Annihilation in the city of busy,

Run in the real workplace situation,

Do you remember your original appearance?

No matter how the changes are around,

No matter how hot the surrounding people look,

Is it possible to do it?

A kind of tolerance, feelings of the woman,

A fine, elegant woman,

Can be self-discipline, self-love, self-reliance,

Maintain the pursuit of light, style, simple life!

We often think,

Make a delicate woman,

slow life,

From survival to life,

The middle only bad “fine”.

It is this “exquisite”

Filled the vacancy of life and dark,

Also more leisurely interest.


What is “exquisite”?

“Exquisite” is even rented to the house, but also warm and comfortable;

“Exquisite” is to have their own hobbies, and then busy to adhere to;

“Exquisite” is a person food is not perfunctory, never illant to their own stomach;

“Exquisite” is even if a person lives,

But also to their own little day through the orderly, gusto!

Do not need too much flattery modification,

Simplicity is not simple,

But not a sublimible attitude,

Simple and atmospheric, elegant and tasteful.

As the cashmere family METTE brand

The core content of the same meaning –

Simple yet stylish,

Elegant yet noble,

Designed for urban beauty to build

Comfortable, elegant, stylish boutique dress.

Simple linear, elegant tone, simple profile shape,

Combined with international fashion trends, elements, style, etc.,

Absorb the same type of clothing industry trends,

Integration of urban women mature, elegant, independent characteristics,

And unique, extraordinary, assertive dress taste,

Launched to meet their needs in the spring of new products.

Not decorated charming, not enchanting, not contrived,

Always simple and decent, generous, elegant,

They have their own love of the cause,

They are determined to be strong, strong independence,

Full of enthusiasm and affection for life,

EQ high, dress stress, elegant manners,

Various occasions should be comfortable.


Free and easy, with the nature, independence,

Refused to label, refused to be defined.

Classic, simple, stylish, modern,

Pure, simple, retro, personality.

They are not the pursuit of the style of a single,

So elegant and elegant city beauty,

The life into a full of flowers and poetic look.


It is said that 2017 fashion circles circulating such a sentence:

“2016 no matter how good clothes also can not match the 2017 years I”.

Fashion stage is still surging, with each passing day,

There are inheritance, but also development and change.

Every change will leave a mark!

Fashion bloggers, stars big coffee, street shoot up to people,

Will resorted to all means to occupy the headlines of the fashion industry.

Want to know more 2017 years of fashion wonderful wear,

Continue to pay attention to cashmere family Mette Cashmere WeChat background,

We will be the first time to share with you dress fashion.

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