Some Australian goats were exported to the United States in the mid 1980’s. Emphasis was placed on fiber production, diameter and style, the natural “crimp” along the length of an individual fiber. As the search for suitable mates for these few imported animals progressed down to Texas, it was discovered that Spanish goats had similar fiber already!


These animals were removed from their wild environment and bred to the Chinese imports with visions of bales of fine cashmere dancing in our heads. Very quickly we learned that cashmere is an elusive target. The very does who exhibited fine fiber in the wild, suddenly turned into well fed matrons that produced a similar fiber that was not cashmere.



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This fiber was at the time, called cashgora, although it is not truly a cross between cashmere and mohair, produced by the Angora goat. Later research proved that fiber diameter in goats is controlled both by genetics (genotype) and environment (phenotype) and that goats raised under less than optimum conditionscan exhibit finer fiber than they would otherwise, as is the case in China, where even the people are underfed.

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Goats exposed to a greater nutritional level as is necessitated when removing them from the arid southwest and taking them to Colorado, New Hampshire or Washington State, resulted in the production of this coarser, straighter, but still luxurious fiber, now called commercial cashmere.


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