cashmere yarn exhibition

cashmere yarn exhibition


Cashmere Yarn History

For Cashmere Yarn, The good news is that we have realized the role that environment can play in fiber quality and have redoubled our efforts to identify goats that are genetically capable of producing cashmere.


While nobody could established a true breed of cashmere goat, Springair has made great progress and are now producing natural grown cashmere especially in cashmere yarn and apparel made from cashmere yarn, all of the cashmere products are under extremely quality control. View the cashmere yarn process quality control.


We are proud that we can grow our cashmere using traditional method… that of high nutritional levels, good husbandry practices and humane harvesting techniques. We cannot and will not starve goats into growing “hunger-fine” fiber as they do in the historic cashmere producing regions of the world.

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