Cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweaters are made of a fine wool that is known for its softness and durability.

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Fine department stores and boutiques carry a range of cashmere sweater designs from vests to cardigans, V-necks to turtlenecks and stylish shrugs.

Cashmere is widely sought after by both fashion designers and discerning consumers who appreciate the lightweight warmth, luxurious feel, soft colors and attractive appearance of cashmere.

Springair is one of the largest luxury cashmere yarn and cashmere products manufacturer & suppliers in China, owning 2000 T capacity of annual cashmere yarn.

Also, for fashion apparels, there are couples of the international top-grade designers worked in Springair Textile Group.

What is our mission on cashmere sweater?

It’s to supplying the newest fashion pattern and style sweaters to all over the world, warming the people in the cold season, and make people look neat and pretty.

Although, please understand that Springair is not a export agency, neither store. It’s a cashmere sweaters manufacturer and reliable supplier. So for cooperation, that’s better call for “wholesale”. That mean’s a minimum  order quantity is on demand.

Cashmere sweaters suppliers advantages for Springair

  • Lower price, located in HANGZHOU China
  • Reliable, over 20-year experience in exporting cashmere sweaters outbound
  • Bulk raw cashmere material in stock, firmly assurance of delivery
  • All process under control, Springair is a group rather than a single company, there are over 12 companies under the group, responding to each procedure of production. such as dyeing, spinning, designing, sales etc.
  • Top-grade designer, each product was designed by our senior designed, who comes from Italia, US, UK, AUS etc.
  • …..


And also, cashmere yarn wholesale cooperation is another option for yarn distributors.

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