Cashmere Yarn has an irregular thin and deep curl, the scale layer and cortical layers, no medullary layer, flake density of about 60 to 70 / mm, approximately circular fiber cross-sectional diameter finer than fine wool the average fineness more in 14-16um, fineness variation is small, about 20%, generally the length of 35-45mm, strong elongation, moisture better than wool, set of thin, thin, soft, smooth waxy, keep warm in one. Fiber strength is moderate, flexible, and has a natural soft color. Cashmere reaction to acid, alkali, heat sensitive than fine wool, even at low temperatures and low concentrations of acid, alkali conditions, fiber damage is also significant, particularly sensitive to chlorine-containing oxidizing agent.

Firstly, thin, soft warm. Cashmere Yarn is the finest animal fiber in one of Arbas cashmere fineness generally 13um-15.5um between high natural curl, tightly packed in spinning, weaving, the cohesion is good, so warm and good, is wool 1.5-2 times. Cashmere fiber scales small, smooth, and intermediate filaments an air layer, so its light weight, smooth waxy feel.

Secondly, natural color soft. Cashmere fiber fineness uniform, low density, multi-circular cross-section of the rules, moisture absorption, can fully absorb the dye will not fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere has a natural luster, soft, pure, beautiful, and other advantages.

Thirdly, pliable and elastic. Because cashmere fiber crimp number, crimp rate, crimp recovery rate is large, suitable for processing as feel full, soft and elastic fabrics, comfortable to wear natural, and good reduction characteristics, especially in the post-washing is not shrink, good shape retention.

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