Cashmere Yarn as a precious animal fiber, is by far the fashion industry is widely recognized as the most expensive textile materials. Cashmere Fiber with its gentle warmth, elegant character, since ancient times kings and nobles favored as the “diamond fiber” is. However, it is also not easy to ta care and confused.

Cashmere sweater colorful Cashmere sweater

Hereby concludes a maintenance wash “Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention”!

Three disciplines

  • Firstly, cashmere refers specifically, exactly the same name
  • Second, cashmere pilling is normal, without exception
  • Third, the cashmere price is precious and expensive, a price of a goods

Eight Points for Attention

  • Avoid machine wash (Some Yarns support machine wash),
  • Avoid rub,
  • Avoid wring dry,
  • Avoid exposure,
  • Avoid hanging,
  • Avoid tidal bore,
  • Avoid friction,
  • Regular cleaning.

Cashmere delicate, need to be patient care, we recommend you ready to change into 2-3 pieces under the conditions permit, it is best replaced every 3-5 days, to restore elasticity to avoid fiber fatigue damage.

cashmere-yarn-Luxuriously-Soft-Exquisitely-Empowering cashmere-yarn-knitting  cashmere-round-neck-jumper-100-cashmere-powder-pink 20160626_163648_002 20160626_163648_003Springair-textile-group-wool-cashmere

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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