Apparel wholesale

29Dec 2016

Color authority Pantone named 2017 fashion color A symbol of vitality of the vegetation green victory Seems to have seen how to wear the spring! The vibrant green of nature and let us re-connect, put it, will give us hope and change the self-confidence. The greenery of vegetation is inseparable from our longing for peace […]

28Dec 2016

Cashmere family METTE fashion design into cashmere knitwear, with the international pop elements, fashion colors, simple design of the atmosphere, elegant and elegant cashmere single product. Cashmere with a single product to convey the beauty of cashmere, calm and elegant colors, the details of excellence, fixed-grid met the quality of the quality of cashmere, and […]

27Dec 2016

When it comes to Christmas, what do you think of first? Red, white, green color combination of the Christmas color? Wonderful music, nice street view? Rich meal, colorful window? Cheerful atmosphere, sincere blessing? Or snow, movies, dance … … This is a romantic and beautiful holiday! Accompanied by the familiar cheerful Christmas songs, Thick festive […]

25Dec 2016

Natural, elegant, subtle, noble This is the essence of British style Precise tailoring Design simple slim The use of classical elements Smooth and clean, there are cavity tune the collocation Create elegant & charming gentleman style 8164015 V stack collar male Pullover Highlight the mature and stable color The rough and coarse knitting brought Sense […]

23Dec 2016

“Warm 520” Babycashmere cashmere underwear Million pieces of public activities, After more than 30 days in full swing sales, Our 10,000 pieces of underwear are sold out! . Individual style is out of stock situation, Yes, that is so hot! Should the strong customer’s request, The company an additional emergency, the night rush of the […]

22Dec 2016

Turtleneck is all-match single product Warm and can block the fleshy face Today the integration of 10 kinds of turtleneck collocation mode Whether you wear inside and outside are very beautiful black turtlenecks Black turtleneck is the foundation can not do without a single product in the wardrobe White + black, simple and advanced Dark […]

20Dec 2016

Fashion fast changing, stripes heat diminished! T-shirts, hot pants, sweaters, dresses, stripes across the four seasons. Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, black and white, blue and white, gray, color, different color stripes with different visual effects. Break the silence of winter, bright stripes is a good choice, very eye-catching, but not too much force! Stripes are […]

17Dec 2016

To temperature, but also to grace, This season is most worthy of investment profile silhouette coat. Elegant cocoon shape Simple straight cylindrical shape Improved A-shape The three main contours are different Which one do you fit? One of the profile shape: cocoon type  coat The middle of the expansion, two tightened oval, elegant and playful […]

16Dec 2016

In the cold of the winter, against the strong cold air ruthless attack: a strong wind, strong cooling, cold pressing, talk about warmth and comfort, the most suitable number of people wearing a cashmere sweater. But the process of wearing cashmere sweater, there will be from the ball, shrink, deformation of the problem? If there […]