15Jun 2018

Silk fabric feels soft and smooth Has good moisture absorption and heat dissipation Favored for its unique charm However, the high temperature and sweaty summer How to properly wash clothing to avoid damage Become a problem Now let the cashmere family METTE come to you                     […]

18May 2018

In the summer of high-temperature exposure, basic white T+ hot pants seemed to be the most common choice for the pursuit of comfortable clothing. However, the open wardrobes are full of simple white T-shirts, and each day is struggling with several short Ts and falls into a cycle of “no clothes to wear”, and the […]

11May 2018

Cashmere Family METTE · Shanghai Shanghai, the fashion capital. With its openness and high degree of inclusiveness, it has become the starting point of the fashion trend. Strict professional white-collar workers, fashionable urban girls, Exquisite temperament beauty and casual new trend school Gather together here. In Shanghai, the pursuit of texture and fashion, met with […]

05May 2018

Summer clothes unknowingly occupy the favorable position of the wardrobe. Heavy coat exited the “stage of history.” The temperature is getting higher and higherUPUPUP! Join together# One-day printing single product challenge # Open another summer with prints and make a veritable “Stylish”                           […]

28Apr 2018

A wonderful encounter Is the process of savoring chocolate At first it was a bitter taste In this bitterness slowly oozes sweetness Wonderful taste, delicate and smooth Like a loving atmosphere What can be more silky than this? Maybe only silk can match it   – Silkworms – Also known as natural silk, it is […]

19Apr 2018

Spring season All things are recovering and thriving In Hangzhou, METTE cashmere family The 15th new store opened.   This is an impetuous society. The pace of development of the times is getting faster and faster. From physical fast food to cultural fast food, People seem to have less and less spare time, There are […]

13Apr 2018

▲ (Image from the network) Female Free Coco Chanel At the beginning of the 20th century, the great changes in society brought many changes to women, and the trendy neutral design concept began to sprout. Legendary designer Coco Chanel took inspiration from men’s clothes and added suits to women’s collections to make them more concise, […]

11Apr 2018

  XI AN The spring breeze proudly See Changan flowers on one day; Northwest Changan, Poor countless mountains. The history of Xi’an is too strong and heavy. Xi’an’s generous handwriting is too rich and broad. Just find a place Arbitrarily say an allusion, Its grand brilliance Almost all can light the entire world.   In […]

09Apr 2018

The clear feelings of the spring breeze, Listen to the voice of the soul. April sky, The charm of the Fang Fei story. In the beautiful spring day, Accompanied by sunlight Depend on warmth Meet the family of cashmere. (New products in spring and summer) 2018METTE spring and summer new clothing From the exquisite and […]