10Mar 2016

Why we love it In our fresh new Ocean-blue shade, this beautiful cashmere sweater is sure to breathe new life into your wardrobe. With its modern, luxury style and chic cocoon shape, the sweater doubles brilliantly as a art. Better still, we’ve travelled the world to bring you the softest, finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia. […]

12Feb 2016

To Wash Cashmere Garment Follow 6 tips Prepare your washbasinFill a basin with slightly warm water before washing cashmere garment—85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal—and then add a small amount of gentle fine-washables detergent. (Some experts recommend as little as one teaspoon per gallon.) Swirl your hand in the water for a few seconds to disperse the […]

16Jan 2016

In boutiques and shops, high-grade cashmere sweaters cost several hundred dollars. The high price tempts shoppers into buying cheaper and Low-Quality sweaters at discount stores, but cashmere is transparent in its quality: the material will show if it’s over-processed or cheaply made. How Cashmere Sweaters are Made   Cashmere yarn fiber is a very fine, […]

21Dec 2015

Cashmere sweater wholesale Article-Type: pullover patterned Neck/Collar: round-neck Sleeve/Length: 1/1 Fit/Pattern: pure cashmere luxury StyleName: prasinous jewel neck sweater Type / Yarn: Cashmere AQUARIUS Composition: 100% Cashmere(pashmina) Fabric Code: FK-0000-A Orig.Fab.Ref.: 100 %NN1 Specification Length: 28″ (based on size medium) Fabric: 100% cashmere Care: Hand wash, dry flat Made in HANGZHOU CHINA Cashmere yarn cozy prasinous jewel neck sweater wholesale, The […]

20Dec 2015

Cashmere(pashmina) pale pinkish grey turtleneck sweater wholesale Experience the luxury of Cashmere made in HANGZHOU,CHINA in the bulky tutleneck design across a range of gorgeous warm colours. How will you choose your favourite? This world renowned International design loses all of it’s traditional reputation when it is made in a pure colour. But don’t worry […]