spring breeze in the early spring, turned warm again, but also to wear a windbreaker. Variety windbreaker, can show women handsome chic side, can also show mature and elegant side, maybe you can also bring peach flowers Oh

In addition, the light windbreaker is jeans, sweater, dress, casual shoes with the best partner, free to wear, let you wear early spring street fashion sense.

Why is the windbreaker early spring seductive dress it? Look back at the major brands of show field, look at the female star airport street shoot, is not difficult to find, windbreaker really is their concave shape must have a single product. With T-shirt, denim, small white shoes, simple and trendy; with sweater, casual shoes, youthful vitality; with dress, hardness and softness.

Modeling change, comes with a strong gas field, walking with the wind Fan Bingbing, Jiang Shuxiang, Gao Yuanyuan, Gao Junxi and other female stars in person demonstration, neat handsome, elegant posture. Really is a clothing to wear a model!


In this beautiful and charming season, wearing a coat out of the street, handsome and feminine both, good to see CRY! Today, Xiao Bian will give you recommend two walking wind windbreaker! The As well as the most fashionable spring wear LOOK, let you do this spring the most pull the goddess of the wind.

Army green and white / beige are matched, within the ride to choose fit style. The body of the waist design, according to the stature at random adjustment. Army green windbreaker, has always been fashionable fine heart love. It handsome with a trace of tough, free and easy reveals a trace of the same sex!


Bright orange, like a colorful spring, full of vitality. Sunshine, leisure weekends, beautiful street, wearing a bright windbreaker, coupled with jeans, casual shoes, youth by age of the ball head, take off the city fashionable girl style. If with simple pants and black single shoes, concise and concise style, it is the beauty of the workplace dress!

The magic of the A-type, the strength of the meat was long legs. Cotton material, has a good hygroscopicity and heat resistance, wearing comfortable, breathable. Back detail design. Handsome, Lee version of the type, smooth lines, the female quiet and capable interpretation of the most vividly!

Compared to the deep blue color, beige more of a soft and elegant, with the same color within the ride, warm spring breath blowing. And then put on the heat of the wide leg pants, bright red high heels, a strong gas field does not lose the stars, walking fashionable goddess Fan children filling, bright bag is the crowning touch.


There are many styles of windbreaker, with striped shirt and Slim black trousers, there are literary young women taste. With the skirt with, within the shallow outside the deep, very eye-catching, exquisite hand bag, sunglasses, but also up to people out of the street suction eye modeling essential.


This section is not a long section of windbreaker, with a skirt to be appropriate. Dress should not be too long, you can choose the length of the leg above the dress, but also choose the skirt. If you want a little youthful vitality, can be used to run casual shoes, if you want more elegant feminine, can be considered with pointed high heels.

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