They have the most innocent smile, they have the most innocent eyes, as they have lotus like heart. They make us angry, they let us helpless, they let us smile from the heart… Cashmere family of 2016 autumn and winter new children’s clothing to bear children as the theme, to create a warm family series.4



Autumn is getting stronger, cold weather is getting heavy, in order to secure key baby season, warm, not soft, warm and good cashmere sweater. White collar Pullover girls, jacquard pattern of leaves add childlike innocence, satisfy the curiosity and love of nature.


Pure white , tender and warm adorable Powder Orange two colors, the perfect show bear children live wave lovely nature. This section and the adult models together, the picture is warm and loving. Clearly visible branches, leaves jacquard printed on the white cashmere sweater, beautiful and pure and fresh and natural.


Classic stripes, losders beauty. Stripes, it must be the fashion industry enduring popular elements, no matter what style of clothes, as long as the addition of stripe elements, it immediately become fashionable up. This striped cashmere sweater, classic all-match, warm and fashionable.


Blue stripes and refreshing, instantly adds autumn vitality; light olive green, fresh and bright. With the warm care of cashmere family METTE cashmere sweater, we can rest assured that they are playing outdoors. As a fringe control, I couldn’t help it, to start with this baby!!


An invigorating autumn climate, sunny day, put on the cool equipment, with a baby should travel is the most wonderful thing. The yellow leaves scattered, Mancheng autumn, with a baby look at the seasons of nature landscape, understanding the colorful world. At the same time, proper outdoor exercise is the key to enhance the baby’s resistance!


Small collar zipper clothing, simple and handsome, with a moving wind cool, very suitable for outdoor picnic in autumn. Design hit neckline, cuffs hit color stripes, Meng Meng, cute and unique. This money can be distinguished according to the color of men and women. Cashmere soft light, perfect care of baby delicate skin. Small collar zipper cardigan, very suitable for outdoor sports wear.


Bear children are “small adults”, their world is also a principle. They kept faith with Buddy loyalty, and their own thing themselves, do not need to intervene in a pair of adults. What they like, do not like what is never hidden, they have their own understanding of the world.


Female children’s clothing coat lapel, simple atmosphere, through the “baby bear” grown-up. Polygonal pattern honeycomb, very cute and interesting. The neckline, cuffs, black skirt at the pressure side, reflect the details of the exquisite. Neutral atmosphere, it is not that no confusion of the world portrayal?

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