When it comes to Christmas, what do you think of first? Red, white, green color combination of the Christmas color? Wonderful music, nice street view? Rich meal, colorful window? Cheerful atmosphere, sincere blessing? Or snow, movies, dance … … This is a romantic and beautiful holiday!

Accompanied by the familiar cheerful Christmas songs,
Thick festive atmosphere blowing.
On Christmas Eve, dress up a good Christmas tree,
Wear a Christmas hat, put on Christmas stockings,
Send peace fruit and holiday blessing.

Cashmere family celebrate Christmas and the new year,
Launch “double egg” special event.
Christmas and new year’s day gift!
Activity time: December 23rd – January 3rd.
Event content: METTE brand audience 30 percent off,
Single paid over 1000 yuan to send 100 yuan coupon,
Single paid over 2000 yuan to send 200 yuan coupon + exquisite gift box,
Single paid over 3000 yuan to send 300 yuan coupon + exquisite gift box,
And so on。
Note: this activity does not enjoy other activities at the same time, the final interpretation of this activity belongs to cashmere family.

On this special day,
How can we not wear bursting with happiness?
Have you found your own Christmas outfit?
Cashmere family METTE special introduction
Christmas colors & strong red Christmas series –
Accompany you to a merry christmas!!

Christmas coat
Drop shoulder red cardigan

The red cardigan,
Vitality, infinite vitality!
Collocation romantic bonus clip backing,
Under a white slim trousers.
Fresh and capable of feminine with,
Confident and romantic, sweet and warm.

Red collar cashmere coat

Red cashmere coat,
Most fit within the ride to the number of black dress, or black skirt.
Red and black is the best color partner,
Carry a texture with a scarf,
Warm, beautiful,
Temperament of the goddess Fan children ready to come out.

Large lapel lace wool coat

Red long coat,
Western style large lapel,
Modern fashion;
Belt design,
The same good to modify the body,
Highlight the convex curve;
Strong red,
Set off bright bright mood,
Very suitable for festive atmosphere.
Wear it,
Have a warm sparkling Christmas.

Christmas within the ride articles
Swing collar cloak pullover

This sleeveless cape pullover,
Swing collar design is bright,
Exudes a feminine and capable breath.
Take the red rendering shirt,
Under the black wide-leg skirt pants,
To show the urban workplace female demeanor.
Loose cape style,
Strength cover the meat was thin,
Easy to wear a variety of body type.

Red high collar pullover

High collar cashmere sweater,
Comfortable and warm.
Cashmere sweater and coat combination,
Is a classic dress with.
With the bright red atmosphere,
Show self-glamor.
This Christmas gift we have carefully prepared
And Christmas greetings
Please take it all! .
Christmas accessories articles
Jacquard shawl scarf


Long and thick cashmere scarf,
Is the influx of people Christmas standard.
Festive colors of the jacquard large scarves,
With nature to around the neck,
Instantly make you brilliant,
Become the audience attention elegant lady!
Merry Christmas !

Are you satisfied with the Christmas recommendation of METTE? Christmas passion continues to heat up, our activities have begun! METTE is looking forward to your visit, Merry you a happy and meaningful Christmas !

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